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I don t think affirmative aoctin necessarily lowers the quality of workers. I think companies typically make sure a potential worker is qualified for the position. For example, if it comes down to a man and a woman of equal credentials, they might pick the woman to meet the quota. Even then though, the woman will probably work harder than the man would have because in the work force, especially in a field dominated by men such as engineering, women need to prove themselves so they are taken seriously, whereas a man who is hired will be more likely to slack off because he wouldn t worry as much about what others thought. Unfortunately though, there are other cases where employers just pick a minority to meet the quota. In this instance problems can definitely occur if the new worker s qualifications are not up to par. I know this from experience because my dad works for the government and in his job if he interviews people of all types of races and backgrounds and does not end up picking a person of the minority then he has to fill out a large stack of papers saying why the white person was more qualified than the black person. And his argument had better be convincing or else he could be fired. My dad was actually put on trial at his job because a black woman accused him of being racist .for choosing a black man over her. This is absolutely ridiculous. I don t think there is any way to justify this. Sometimes affirmative aoctin can be a good thing because it keeps diversity in the workplace, but anytime the quality of the company or product is neglected, affirmative aoctin can have very negative effects.In regards to Nepotism, I think quality is often compromised. Usually when people help their family or friends, they are doing so because the person in need of assistance cannot find work or does not have the skills to get a job on their own. This means that the person will be given a position for which they probably do not qualify. This is not fair to other people trying to get the same position who are qualified, and it is also not fair to the employer or company. The new worker will probably do a below average quality level of work, and this will hurt the business. I definitely agree with the guy on this video that industries like healthcare can suffer. Nepotism should be used lightly, because if you help someone who is struggling to get into medical school and he/she becomes a doctor then eventually makes a big mistake such as killing someone during a surgery, you are somewhat to blame for helping them get to that position. I know this sounds extreme but there are instances where dramatic things like this can occur, and it s not worth taking the risk. If someone isn t qualified for a position, they shouldn t be accepted into it. A big problem with nepotism is that it is like lying because it often involves writing fabricated recommendations for people who do not deserve them. Doing this can have a chain negative effect and hurt many people including consumers or patients.


"I can look at it as racial pirlifong - I can look at it however I wanna look at it". Well there you have it folks. It's just that simple. Shame on KSLA for even questioning the BCPD on this ridiculous and all too convenient claim. When you entertain the concept (inquire)... you indirectly further the injustice behind it. Stop giving the floor to every black person who (allegedly in this case) commits a crime and can't scream "racism" fast enough. That's one of the biggest problems of our neighbor across the bridge - and one of the reasons why the living conditions and quality of life differs between here and there like night and day. The BCPD has NEVER entertained these "convenience claims" and the media shouldn't either. A fire can't grow without fuel. Love the covert ops with the giant plant leaf by the way - now thats spontaneous ingenuity at it's finest.

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