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» Student Loan Subsidies Revisited from A Stitch in Haste
One additional flaw in the system that Posner overlooks is when good money is thrown at bad schools, such as "diploma mill" colleges (and even law schools) as well as for-profit vocational schools that do not help their graduates find jobs (and occas... [Read More]

» Education Loans from EconLog
When I taught "Economics for the Citizen" this past fall at George Mason, I included a unit on education. In... [Read More]

» Becker-Posner on student loans from Letters of Marque
While I should be catching up on other things, like citing my Note, what I'm doing instead is reading blogs. There were some comments on student loans while I was away. Posner basically says that people would find a way... [Read More]

» Kickbacks from De Novo
For the first time, someone in the real world has recommended that I buy Eugene Volokh's Academic Legal Writing, recently released in a second edition. Amazon sells it for $20.50, and the positive reviews on which site include recommendations from... [Read More]

» Why Economics is an Inappropriate Instrument of So from Atavistic Endeavor
The only value that conventional economic thinking respects is desire. "Efficiency" means, pretty much by definition, "getting stuff to the people who desire them most, thus making them the most happy." Fundamental free market economics is premised ... [Read More]

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» Student Loans For Colage from Student Loans For Colage
TITLE: Student Loans For Colage URL: http://studentloanconsols7xanezy.info/student-loans-for-colage/ IP: BLOG NAME: Student Loans For Colage DATE: 05/13/2008 08:43:15 AM [Read More]


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