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» Becker-Posner Blog from Rodney Hide's Diary
One of my favourite blogs is by Nobel Prize winner Gary Becker and quite likely future (see the Eclectic Econoclast) Nobel Prize winner Richard Posner. One writes a post -- the other posts a reply. The wonders of the net: here we are being exposed t... [Read More]

» Posner on tort reform from Dark Bilious Vapors
Judge Richard Posner offers up some skeptical thoughts on "tort reform" in medical malpractice cases. [Read More]

The subject of the week at the Becker-Posner blog is tort reform. One would expect Richard Posner to start the conversation on this issue, and so he does: The costs of malpractice premiums are only about 1 percent of total... [Read More]

» Posner oops from PointOfLaw Forum
At the Becker-Posner Blog, this week's topic is liability reform (Posner first, then Becker). Without seeking to respond to all of their views, some of which come across as persuasive and others as highly idiosyncratic, it is noteworthy that in... [Read More]

» Vioxx Class Action from Vioxx Class Action
today for a victim of Vioxx from the Vioxx from the arthritis drug Vioxx Health Advisory FDA Vioxx Heart Attack . Vioxx Class Action Lawsuit Aga... [Read More]

» Vioxx Class Action from Vioxx Class Action
today for a victim of Vioxx from the Vioxx from the arthritis drug Vioxx Health Advisory FDA Vioxx Heart Att... [Read More]


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