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This is a very thoughtful piece. Sheds light on a subject that is causing much consternation among the book-loving community.

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Thanks for your comment. I liked my first one. It brought back the pain of finding out how unfair life and education can be.

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The thing that amazes me is that after many years teaching, in all sorts of environment, my students' desperate need still gets me.

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That would have been a pesky parole officer for your friend rather than probation officer.

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Discrimination in employment usually manifests itself in the refusal to hire a lower class person, unless he or she is so superior that the refusal is imposed serious costs to the institution and may invite a lawsuit.

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I consider Summers's opinion to be quite insulting! Of course we should not measure women and men by absolutely the same scale of skills and possibilities, but actually I dislike the very idea of constant comparing men to women. Lots and lots of talented girls possess more ambition and desire to succeed than men. But here I can see that Summers tries to bring both men and women under one line which is totally wrong!

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