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Yah, and the risk at lauch is huge. I mean compare the percentage of trucks that explode to the percent of space launches. Besides, putting things on a space launch guarantees a huge spread for the nuclear material if there is an accident. I can't think of any more perfect situation for a terrorist. A huge rocket filled with explosive fuel with a giant heat source to shoot missles at which could explode and disperse nuclear material throughout the upper atmosphere.

Sure this replaces a long term risk with just one big risk but the same could be said about just paving the street with nuclear waste. We replace a long term small risk of a spill with just one 100% risk.

Robert Prather

In response to an earlier commenter, the containment at TMI2 was not breached and there were no uncontrolled releases.

What did happen is that, around 1980 they needed to procede with the cleanup of TMI2 but couldn't because of some noble gases, quite deadly, that remained in the containment building.

There was a big fuss over how to get them out and they settled on releasing them through a very big HEPA filter, so that no particles escaped.

To cover the PR angle, the CEO of General Public Utilities (then the owner of TMI) moved his family across the street during the months of the release, to demonstrate that it was harmless.

The gas dissipated (sp?) harmlessly and lawsuits commenced, which went in GPU's favor.


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