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Link: The Becker-Posner Blog. The NYTimes article that referred to my 1987 Presidential address to the American Economic Association badly misstated what I said. I did not claim that children’s income was not much related to the income of their [Read More]

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Since I am not a medically trained , I have absolutely no clue what thisA few years back he went to Boston39;s ven... [Read More]

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Currently, a Maryland estate tax return must be filed if the Estate Taxtax.ohio.gov division [Read More]


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Wealth in the US economy is created, not stolen (excluding the 35% the state takes of course). Do you people honestly believe companies are willing to give 150 K a year to people who do not produce as much? Or that millions of consumers buy Gates, Dells or Walton�s products if they do not add any value? Or that the guy who puts groceries in a bag is creating nearly as much value as an engineer or entrepreneur?

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