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I agree with Professor Becker. I think that many in the last comments advocated same sex marriage on the basis of diversity. There is a lot of confusion over diversity in my opinion. Diversity is not related to skin color, but related toward your attitude and perception. Skin color obviously has something to do with it. It is possible to have a homogenous skin color group and still have diversity.


I found these essays on gay marriage to be considerably weaker than previous essays. Too many of your opinions are simply prejudices backed by little or no evidence. "I believe ..." is not a strong foundation for a policy opinion. Instead, it would be more helpful to list those things you don't yet know and, if possible, explain how one might gather that info. Politicians are expected to make wild claims of emminent doom, but tenured academics can and should do better.

On the other hand, you're allowed to rant on your own blog. I've just posted a rant about how old white people can't drive. I believe they should all have their licenses taken away.


Agree with "dude." And would add that Mr. Becker's rhetoric and sloppy reasoning reads like the public criticism of interracial marriages when they were being debated (e.g. Loving v. Virginia) in the 50s and 60s.

"I do not know if being raised by same sex parents would be worse than being raised by a single parent, but I believe that it will usually be worse."

Completely baseless statement (and has absolutely nothing to do with the question about equal marriage rights for all.


There is work that address your questions and beliefs. In regards to your statement:

"I do not know if being raised by same sex parents would be worse than being raised by a single parent, but I believe that it will usually be worse."

Stacy and Biblarz found this not to be the case. Specifically, their review of 21 studies, "almost uniformly reports findings of no notable differences between children reared by heterosexual parents and those reared by lesbian and gay parents". This work can be found at:

Stacey & Timothy Biblarz, "(How) does the sexual orientation of parents matter?" American Sociological Review, 2001

Further, there is little evidence that gay and lesbian relationships are more tenuous than heterosexual relationships. Specifically, in their recent work John Gottman and Robert Levenson did not find this to be the case (in fact, their findings suggested that homosexual relationships may be becoming more robust than heterosexual ones). They find that lesbians are more likely to leave relationships than gay men, but that gay men are no more likely to leave than heterosexuals. Their findings mirror those of Larry Kurdek and Pepper Schwartz. You can find Gottman and Levenson's study at:



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