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Jack, Ahh Yes, the Times. I gave up paying attention to American Media years ago. It usually takes it five or six attempts to get the story straight and sometimes not even then. The BBC, Economist, London Times, Manchester Guardian, Figaro, Der Speigel do a much better job.

Babak Zaker

Would somebody please leave a link to the NY Times article? I am still sceptical - no matter how complete the proposal, it is still a proposal. There is no reason the federal government can't run an agency relevant only to one region. What is being proposed - an organisation between the levels of state and federal - poses many question of oversight. Let's say that Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi formed a regional body to deal with disaster relief. Would the proportionally richer Texas pay proportionally more than its neighbours? If so, what is its incentive to join? Who gets to hire the agency head? Who can fire her? If there is a decision between building a new shelter in Corpus Christi or Gulf Port, who makes the call? Answering these questions is the purpose of the federal government. A federal government can (theoretically) determine which place needs the most resources, and deploy them there without worry of offending a local governor.

Babak Zaker

Don't forget the Financial Times, Le Monde, and Le Monde Diplomatique.


This has nothiung to do with the Dr. Becker's present post. It just surprises me that someone thinks they know Adam Smith's catalogue better than Dr. Becker. It borders on disrespect in my opinion. Do you realize the man probably taught Smith to students for years upon years, and knows Smith's material inside and out, and any other possible direction there is to know it? Why don't you contribute something before you think you can call out someone like Dr. Becker, retards.

Jack Sprat

I am still sceptical - no matter how complete the proposal, it is still a proposal.

No, when I noted that Governor Pataki's proposal is substantially complete I did not mean he had almost finished drafting his proposal. I meant what he had proposed is substantially complete in its implementation.

By ANTHONY DEPALMA (NYT); Metropolitan Desk
Late Edition - Final, Section A, Page 1, Column 6, 1421 words. It was a front page article because the cooperative regional solution was the first of its kind. In other words, neither Becker nor Adam Smith has written on it.


Jack? What's this got too do with the price and availability of "beans and rice" in La., Ms. and Al.? And not too mention, the rest of the country?

Jack Sprat

"Jack? What's this got too do with..."

As you do not read American media, we cannot discuss what is therein reported. I have no idea what beans and rice or your hatred of the corrupt American media has to do with cooperative regional solutions being an alternative to either purely local or purely federal solutions. You are off-topic.

Jack Sprat


I do not think that Congress needs to pass a federal law. A collection of states in a particular region could accomplish the same thing by pooling resources, sharing information, and creating the requisite bureacracy (via their state lagislatures). In other words, instead of getting California to agree to pass a federal law that affects only Georgia and Alabama and Florida, for example, the state legislatures of Goergis, Florida, and Alabama could come up with a regional cooperative solution, as Governor Pataki has done in the Northeast with regard to nuclear power. Call it a regional self-reliance regime if you like.

It seems that taking the issue to Congress only exposes the bill to undue lobbying pressure and other pitfalls limned by public choice theory.


Steven, Sounds like a marketing tool for the private insurance industry. Talk about windfalls in terms of profits. We already know about the problems of a privatized health insurance program. In all probabilty, it will end up the same way. There is just too much room for abuse to allow the private sector to control it.

Matthew Johnson

N.E. HACKFIELD: "There is just too much room for abuse to allow the private sector to control it."

LOL. Yeah, maybe we should federalize EVERYTHING THEN. That way, there will be NO CORRUPTION.


I think we should encourage being prepared at all levels.

The State and County officials should meet to discuss emergency preparedness.

I think spending money on first responders, (i.e., Doctors, nurses, emergency technicians) is probably a better idea than spending money on the national guard. In a time of emergency, you want to be starting I.V.'s and triaging people, not aiming guns and worrying so much about looting.

Obviously, the city government has to be prepared not only to uphold the law, but provide the spiritual energy for people to help each other.


Matt, God forbid! I trust a bureaucrat about as much as I trust a businessperson. Oh, BTW, you know what a businessperson is a synonym for? A liar, cheat, thief, fraud and scroundrel. The Romans knew it when they coined the phrase, "Caveat Emptor"!

Matthew Johnson

No, Hackfield, the Romans were putting the burden on buyers to investigate the quality of the goods they sold, because buyers often accuse sellers of fraud and ask for a refund after they have gotten their use out of a product. For example, reading the newspaper, then claiming the ink was defective and smudged on your hands, so asking for a refund.


Sorry, I meant "they bought".


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