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Most parents I've met are unskilled at parenting, at various times, delivering too little or too much. So what is at issue with the matter of 'parenting' is the very value of time. Some parents can make a connection during dinner, some parents think that they need 3 hours. Parents latch onto their children and live through their children as they are afraid of dying. There's a lot of unhealthy neurosis reflecting behavior that goes under the column of parenting.

Maybe its better to distribute outwards the 'curse' of children. Maybe 1/30 is a good parent, the people who are good at parenting can parent 25 children at a daycare center. This may be much more efficient because it gives children the opportunity to be socialized instead of all too often, being bullied or being grossly pampered.


ìSweden has much more employment than other OECD countries relative to its high tax ratesî

Taxes in Sweden fund universal medical and dental care, so a comparison to other countries, such as the USA, is comparing apples to oranges. Contributions by employers in the US to fund health care should be considered when comparing tax rates. Taxes plus medical care costs in the US are excessive and wasteful.

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