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Carol Wacker


This idea could be mobilized rather quickly. Ask for proposals from private industry (like American Express, Mastercard, Oracle, etc.) to make the ID cards. Why? We know that our government cannot efficiently pull off this kind of huge program. Let the proposals cover such things as:
ÔøΩcost to the foreign citizen (we do not have to pay for this!)
ÔøΩhow is it tamperproof? Does it change color if the plastic cover is exposed to air? How will they make the chip invulnerable?
ÔøΩregistration included on embedded chip should be rigorous (all the information that is needed for a visa plus picture, fingerprints, iris scan, educational data and police record information or clearance.)
ÔøΩhow they will set up stations in cities foreign countries, probably associated with our embassies or at our borders.
ÔøΩhow they will staff stations to handle peak crowds in the beginning.
ÔøΩwhat kind of computer database they will maintain
ÔøΩwhat special provisions will they make for Mexico (because of the huge numbers)? For example, ÔøΩpeople whose last names being with letters A,B,C,DÔøΩ report to their city of origin August 1 to 15 and so on. HOWEVER, THEY MUST GO BACK IN ORDER TO GET THE CARD!
ÔøΩshould the cards also contain an RFID chip to ascertain whereabouts if necessary?
ÔøΩhow they will cooperate with some governmental agency WHICH WILL CERTIFY LETTERS FROM COMPANIES IN THE USA that a job is waiting for the bearer of the letter and how they will FAST TRACK the document and the turnaround of persons back to the USA so that there is little disruption.
ÔøΩthe person may ALSO signup for legal citizenship BEHIND those who already have signed up and are waiting patiently.

The posting of Request For Proposals should have a very calming effect for those who are sneaking over the border right now. Guest workers YES. Amnesty NO.

Also pass a law requiring that employers be heavily fined for hiring illegals.

On another note, there were some Mexicans bragging about the fact that they registered many, many illegals to vote BECAUSE NO ONE CHECKS THAT THEY ARE CITIZENS ON THE APPLICATIONS OR REQUIRES ANY TYPE OF ID AT THE VOTING PLACES. IT IS SUPPOSEDLY A FEDERAL OFFENSE TO CLAIM CITIZENSHIP BUT NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN PROSECUTED FOR THIS, according to the talk show host.

Carol Wacker



Even if the ID cards for guest workers are tamperproof, what would stop illegal workers from working with forged documents that identify them as US citizens, whose documents are anything but tamperproof.

John McCarty

I think the following would go a long way to creating the proper incentives.

1) We only have to meet the illegals part of the way on enforcement. The more secure the border is the more expensive it would be for the illegals to get into the US. Building a 2000-mile fence isn't fruitless because it means that the poor have to pay more for a boat ride. The cost of their coyote goes from say $500 a head to $2000 a head.

2) The current proposal to grant "amnesty" based on length of time in this country is stupid, because it rewards those committing a crime the longest, and encourages fraud. It should be based on level of assimilation and contribution. For example, English proficiency, paying taxes, minimal use of public services, knowledge of US history and government, education level, ability to obey all laws US citizens must, and number of US citizens knowing the illegal for longer than a year and willing to vouch for him or her.

3) Payment of tax and penalties, or reduction in social benefits (ie. 70% of social security payments). Also, if they have been using somebody else's social security number, they should pay first to straighten out the credit record, and second pay the person for the inconvenience. Where the identity theft victim can prove actual damages, they should get them.

4) In order to identify illegal aliens, they would have six months to come forward and apply for permanent status. After that, any illegal caught will be deported. The IRS would be requierd to turn over the information on mismatched social security numbers and names to the DHS so that it can actually find the employers hiring the illegals. This current withholding of this information is total bs.


...playing Mr. Good Guy with other people's money.So how much is it costing to give "democracy" to the Iraqi people? It's good that the hundreds of billions to finance that crusade came from private donations rather than Republicans playing Mr. Good Guy with other people's money.It's also good that the USA doesn't believe that education leads to a better, more productive society but instead only allows those people to be educated who can afford to pay for it themselves. After all, we wouldn't want to be playing Mr. Good Guy with other people's money. Trying to achieve a world where everyone has the skills and resources to be productive members of society is not just wrong it's evil.It is, after all, much better to have a society where most people are uneducated subsistence farmers on the verge of starvation. Speaking of starvation, maybe we should structure our society so that people can get a free education but they don't have access to the basic necessities of life. I bet they'd learn real good if they were starving to death or dying of a bacterial infection.


...we wouldn't want vast government bureaucracies......you pretty much come out and say it; you want the total destruction of America.Right. Lack of vast government bureaucracies will result in the total destruction of America.I have to say, I really don't understand this obsession with whether immigrants are working and whether the government knows about it.For one thing, saddling businesses and workers with vast bureacratic reporting requirements (verifying immigration status, tax status, crimminal record, etc.) seems inefficient not to mention inconvenient. Putting aside my cynicism, it's hard to believe that Americans actually want to subject themselves to even more government bureaucracy.For another thing, any immigrant with a high paying job is already going to be paying taxes so the gain in tax revenue from imposing additional bureacracy is likely to be negligible.Most importantly, it is not at all clear that it is in Americans' best economic interest for immigrants to have jobs.From the perspective of the US economy, the best immigrants do not have jobs and are not collecting government services. Such immigrants will be creating American jobs (without taking them) and transferring wealth to the America from abroad.Next down the list, immigrants that do not have jobs and are relying on government services will be stimulating the economy by creating American jobs (without taking them) but they will not be transferring wealth from abroad as the wealth will simply be taken from rich Americans in the form of taxes and redistrubuted into the lower levels of the US economy.Getting down to a neutral effect on the US economy we have immigrants who have jobs but are not sending their earnings back to their native country. These immigrants are essentially equivalent to a general population increase because the jobs these immigrants take are offset by the jobs they create through their spending.Finally, the immigrants that actually hurt the US economy are the guest workers. These immigrants take US jobs without creating US jobs. Because they are only here temporarily, they send their earnings home rather than reinvesting them in the US economy. This results in a net transfer of wealth out of the USA (Americans get poorer) and an even bigger and more dangerous trade deficit.Ironically, it is numbers of these most economically damaging "guest workers" that the Republicans seem to be trying so hard to increase through the imposition of additional government bureaucracy.


Carol, Just remember, Laws without teeth, is like a tiger without fangs and claws. Hence the problems here in the U.S.; we write voluminus law codes like the USCC and then don't enforce it because it might upset someone. And we wonder why we have problems. ;)

Hans Gruber

"Right. Lack of vast government bureaucracies will result in the total destruction of America."

Are you really this stupid? No, I don't think so, because you tellingly omitted the stupidity of your argument in your recent response; you stated that governments shouldn't be in the business of telling ANYBODY where they can live which necessarily means ANYBODY can live in the US. That's an argument for the abolition of the nation state; it's an argument for anarchy and necessarily the destruction of America as a prosperous and free country with a coherent national identity. Do you support total unrestricted immigration because you want to help the world's poor or do you support it because you want to destroy America as it exists today, prospersour and free? I wouldn't put it past you that you sincerely desire both goals, some of the worst policies of the last century are cloaked in good intentions and magnanimity.

Hans Gruber

"After all, we wouldn't want to be playing Mr. Good Guy with other people's money. Trying to achieve a world where everyone has the skills and resources to be productive members of society is not just wrong it's evil."

And why can't foreigners get the "skills and resources to be productive members of society" in their home countries? America is special. Flooding America with non-Americans (total unrestricted immigration, which you support) isn't a prescription for retaining that specialness, it's a prescription for destroying it. A lot of immigrants make this country better and stronger, a lot of them don't. Imagine a policy that lets in the former while denying the latter. I know, what a terrible policy! Who wants to live in a prosperous, educated country without crime! These people must be crazy.

And I'm not against helping the foreign poor by buying goods they produce or in carefully planned charitable projects. But the kind of radical charity you describe is more like Robin Hood than anything else. You would bleed the world for charity until it could bleed no more.

And, call me old fashioned, but I think Americans want their government to pursue policies which maximize their collective benefit, not the benefit of foreigners. Forcing a policy which harms them to help others isn't very democratic, Wes. But who needs democracy when you know what the world needs!




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