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So the federal
government will still need some guidelines that determine
which cities should be given more Homeland money, although
in a matched way.

The answer is easy. Give the most money to those cities in those districts and states where there is the greatest risk of a Republican incumbent losing in 2006 or a Republican challenger needs a boost to get over the top. That is likely on what the allocations are based.

Arun Khanna

Anti-terrorism allocations across states should be based on number of Muslims living in each state. As an add-on special situations should be considered for extra allocations. For example New York City should get a higher allocation for obvious reasons. Home of Purdue University in Greater Lafayette, Indiana has a higher allocation caompared to towns of its size. However given the threat level there, it should actually get more federal funding.

BlueBerry Pick'n is ThisCanadian.com

Well, there is an answer. Somewhat comforting.

Maybe the Bush Administration has *good reason* to not expect another attack?

Just a thought. I mean, what if Bin Laden & Friends were on ice somewhere... just waiting for Bush to need another Zarqawi Moment... or maybe there is no need for an attack.

Bin Laden has GOTTEN everything for which he asked.

you *do* remember he has a Master's in Economics...

I'd say, he got what he was seeking. A financially crippled USA spending a fortune to hunt GHOSTS & a freaked out Canada...

Just a thought.

BlueBerry Pick'n
can be found @ ThisCanadian.com
"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"


Anti-terrorism allocations across states should be based on number of Muslims living in each state.If you believe the Republicans, then, rather than funding the solution to a problem directly, it's better to let the funding trickle down to a problem. For example, rather than funding schools directly it's better to give tax cuts to the wealthy and let the money trickle down to the schools - it's the classic multiplier effect.What we need to do here, if you believe the Republicans, is exempt Muslims from paying taxes. That way, the money to fight terrorism will trickle down to the appropriate parts of the country along with a healthy multiplier effect to stimulate the economy in those areas most likely to be affected by terrorism.

Arun Khanna

Wes: I am a Republican and you don't understand anti-terrorism or economics.

New Jack

"When cities do more to prevent terrorism against their residents and buildings, they also help the country fight terrorism against other cities and towns without getting compensated for that help"

Really? When I buy a car alarm and leave it blinking on my dashboard, I'm not helping in the country's fight against car theft. I'm just hoping that any potential car thief will decide that my car is too much trouble and go find a new target.

Similarily, if New York turns itself into an impenetrable fortress, the terrorists plotting against it don't become accountants and graphic designers; they start looking at DC, Chicago and LA. For this reason, I think that the Feds should only be involved in security measures that reduce the total likelihood and expected severity of an attack, such as: bombing the bejesus out of hostile nations with WMD's in the makes; surveillance; Airport/coastal security.


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