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Would it not be great to have a Judge that is not on the take. A man work's his whole life from poverty to success throuch acumen and a Judge(s) obviously on the take gives away his life's work and puts him on trial with no discovery, no depositions, no proof just the mans word against another. The Judge has no right to do so, but goes the extra mile for that special but obvious pay off. The individuals lie and cheat to get the man out a lifes work, they promise 10 years, hope, dreams of more to come, better future for family, etc. But, no, you run into idiot judges, morons who think that when you split a stock from 1:1 to 4:1 that the value of the company actually changes. Wow. Not products of Public School and University System, but apparently all graduated from some Ivy League inbred retard school. I know this is going to seem like very advance math but 1 x 60 = 60. OK, hang in there, but 4 x 15 = 60. Duhh. What the F? Yeah, I know its complex. Is it me?

The real question or comments from these brainiacs should be:
"when does it end, when is corporate america (and Germany) with its fraud, cheating and scandals going to pay"? When are the decision makers and others going to say no to the Big Corporate entities? How many have to get ripped off before its stopped? Heaven forbid should it happen to a Judge or a Judges Family. Then you will see something happen. Real Justice.

I have seen cases where a cook goes to jail for selling stock early, where people are jailed for selling stock that does not exist or knows that it will not exst but sell it anyway, people selling a car that runs great, but has no engine and somtimes the SEC and Feds get involved and off with their heads. But, the really powerful with their Judge golf buddies, secret accounts, country club elbow rubbing winking don't have to pay.

But, someday, probably not in my life time there will truly be an objective system that has no bias, is based on fair play and truth that I think we can all hope for will be in place. That allows an individual his or her day in court.

America's Justice system is truly blind, corrupt and unjust. Its patheic, rediculous and a sorry state to allow men of NO Honor, Pride or Self Esteem control such things.

I'm an vet, honorably discharged, I earned every penny I have but cannot get a day in court against the evil empire. Why? Becuase they know I will win. People demonize what or whom they owe.

I forgive you all.


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