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Ahh, lets hear it for the natural ebb and flow of global economies. It's really no different to seeing a boom in interest for a particular flavour of the moment widget and then seeing interest wain followed by those who misjudged the wave catching a cold. With the advent of global oil supplies running down, the key players should continue to create interest and promote the very real possibilities with alternative green energies. After all, it is possible to run a home literally on a 12v battery - we just need to modify our expectation and thinking a little. There is employment opportunity in spades here, we just need a new 'wave' to believe in, one with a higher mileage potential.

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I think it`s good idea to subsidy employers. But not subsidy every man, but subsidy public work. That was after II war in Europe. Countries subside public work like building roads, public buildings etc. Then enemployment is low, and state is grov. I think this is the best idea.


In the past, unemployment meant people were in dire straits. Most households had a sole provider and families lacked excess wealth to provide for non-contributing children. A factor in unemployment today, one which few economists seem to grasp, is many people, mainly young people, are making only a token effort to find employment





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787 billion... many people are still unemployed!

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This blog follows so many criteria ..If, because a high rate of unemployment creates pessimism about the economic situation...

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who was Plan Posner? and what he used to do!do any one knows!howcould that be possible for every one to be unaware from it?

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The stimulus must be targeted on industries, and areas of the country, in which unemployment is high. This project is worth.




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I think the likely answer is that, once enacted, the public will demand the government "do something!" unless unemployment falls below 6% at most - in the same way the markets ask for interest rates to constantly fall because growth is "fragile". The potential contribution of these interventions to a boom-bust or support-collapse-support cycle of employment is easy to see.

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