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There is little evidence that support for unions alone, has a catastrophic effect on the economy.

However, support for unions is indicative of an overall drive towards socialist policies which taken all together demonstrably and severely cripple the overall correlation between personal productivity and personal reward. With decreased incentives to produce, overall production falls, and the economy, wealth and once enviable prosperity of America will simply go down the toilet.

America discovers socialism and central planning. That ought to have the rest of the world laughing…

Joshua Norman

Unions preserved capitalism in America. The alternative was either the union movement or far-left demagogues like Huey Long, Charles Coughlin, the IWW, Communism and anarchism. Even union leaders in America os moderates compared to the Red Diaper Babies leading the European labor movement. The union movement was responsible for creating the American middle class by securing better pay & benefits for its members. This also helped furthering American education & the economy because the workers were able to afford to send their kids to good schools to educate themselves so they could avoid the dirty jobs their parents had to do. That was something that UMW leader John L. Lewis openly boasted about.
He also said "The organized workers of America, free in their industrial life, conscious partners in production, secure in their homes and enjoying a decent standard of living, will prove the finest bulwark against the intrusion of alien doctrines of government."

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Economic Recovery is a hard work,to do it Unionism is a important role.

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Joe Friday

Since 1979, the lower 3 quintuples have seen their real wages rise 6%, 16%, and 21% while the top 1% rose 176%

As for the economic pie, in the same period the GDP per capita has increased 60% and Major Sector Productivity has increased 78%.

It would appear the problem with unions is their ineffectiveness.

One solution to our economic problems would be for the ruling class to pay the "little people" a livable wage.

(all statistics from various US.gov statistical sites)

Joshua Norman

Unions used to have power. Unfortunately companies have been able to break unions strength by sending jobs to Third World countries. Unions have lost their way, allowing themselves to be a cog in the leftist statist machine running this country into the ground. If union leaders got back to representing American workers interests instead of being good little leftists, maybe this country would be better off.
If union leaders like Andy (no right to strike) Stern and the SEIU are the best the movement can come up with then the movement as well as the American working class & society is in trouble.
Previously unions used to be against illegal aliens.
Now they are in favor.
Unions used to be in favor of limiting immigration.
Now they are in favor of unlimited immigration.
Unions used to be vocal in their opposition to foreign countries dumping their imports in the American market place.
Now they are silent.
Unions did not used to advocate for more taxes and goverment spending.
Now they do.
It would be nice for the ruling class to pay people a living wage. However they aren't going to do as long as the following still exists:
They can exploit Third World labor either in the Third World countries
They can import Third Worlders to live 15 to a car, 30 to an house in America.
They don't have to pay tariffs on imports which could have been produced in America.
Unions prefer to engage in left-wing activism rather than serving as a watchdog for working people.

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People should also contribute on to econmic recovery. Each contribution will help our country to have and make the econmy grow faster.

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"Premature Deaths of Several FORMER wrestlers" a quote I have not seen documented, but the key word is FORMER, not active. Blake makes several comparisons, here are mine:
Linda was not on the creative side of the business, Franken was.
Linda was on the business side, Franken was not.
Franken had on his side Democrat Dirty Tricks team which turned a 350 vote deficit to a 350 plus vote, a 700 vote change, during recount, with not one vote going to Coleman. Linda does not, she's a Republican.
Franken was an abject failure on Liberal talk radio; Linda is hugely successful handling questions off the cuff.

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"Premature Deaths of Several FORMER wrestlers" a quote I have not seen documented, but the key word is FORMER, not active. Blake makes several comparisons, here are mine:
Linda was not on the creative side of the business, Franken was.
Linda was on the business side, Franken was not.
Franken had on his side Democrat Dirty Tricks team which turned a 350 vote deficit to a 350 plus vote, a 700 vote change, during recount, with not one vote going to Coleman. Linda does not, she's a Republican.
Franken was an abject failure on Liberal talk radio; Linda is hugely successful handling questions off the cuff.

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Unionism and Economic Recovery—Posner<-- Yup that's what i've been searching for!

M Hoffman

ONE of the principal focuses of unions is reasonable wages and compensation. To suggest that increasing the minimum wage to the current paltry sum cited somehow adversely affects the US economy is absurdly nonsensical. Maybe we should consider paying our federal Judges the minimum wage, considering their stupidity. Being a lawyer and having grown up in a family headed by a union business agent, I benefitted by having a father who earned enough money to actually put food on the table. Of course, we also had two gardens, meat from my grandfather, and my father literally did everything including constructing his own room additions, overhauling his own car, hunting, farming part time, etc., etc. Even then, by the time he was 59 he had suffered two heart attacks and was broken down from the hard work. I worked as a union laborer to get through law school. It was hard and dangerous work, building gas pipelines, constructing bridges and roads, cutting timber for roadways and often operating a jack hammer for most of a day. Frankly, compared to the practice of law or sitting on your derriere and lording it over others as a Judge should be paid LESS than such hard work. But, then politics enters the picture, and the wealthy make certain that "sell outs" who meet their profile are appointed, e.g. Richard Posner. I am certain his mother would be very disappointed in him. Unions have had NOTHING to do with our economic calamities, "bubbles", corruption (e.g. Madoff)or any other adverse consequences of the political and banking mismanagement of our economic system. The article provides no factual analysis whatsoever to support any of the foolish hypotheses. How again does a $7.25 minimum wage factor into our current unemployment? Should our citizens be paid $3.00 an hour? Our economy benefits from income parity, and currently it is the extreme variance between the wealthy and middle and lower income classes which has created our problem, very much like the Great Depression.

M Hoffman

Now, let us discuss facts. Studies have demonstrated that the formation of unions among workers created greater wage parity, led to critical safety reforms in the workplace and enhanced overall economic performance in the U.S. As unions have declined and we have resorted to economic Darwinism, recession resulted from income disparity and lack of demand in our consumer economy. Where there are no unions or very weak unions, there is a perpetual majority underclass who "enjoy" poverty, poor health and crime, e.g. Mexico. Only those such as the paper shufflers and money changers who contribute nothing to society benefit from the labor of the general population. Go turn on the faucet. Flush the toilet. Turn on the electric lights. Use the elevator. Drive your car down the street. Who did all of this work? Competent, trained and educated union labor. Were they overpaid in comparison to the financial "wizards" on Wall Street and in the banks who tanked our economy? As for G.M., who failed the company? Was it the autoworkers working on the assembly line? Or, was it NON UNION management, designers, engineers, marketers, etc? Having followed the auto industry since I was a child, I can assure you that those who assembled the cars and manufactured the parts had nothing to do with this collapse. VW and Mercedes workers are unionized. They manufacture well designed and engineered cars and have been profitable for decades. G.M. has suffered for years from poor planning at the management level, waste, corruption, poor design and engineering and repeated mis-steps in marketing. All NON UNION. I propose that we immediately reduce the compensation of college professors (grossly overpaid), reform higher education to allow all citizens to obtain knowledge at all levels without traveling to specific geographical locations (college campuses), reduce the salaries of federal judges to minimum wage or even less, and write editorials critical of their general stupidity.


People please remember that trade unions do not honor seniority, the worker still is rewarded for performance. And if it was not for the unions fighting for wages and benefits all of the non union workers wouldn't be enjoying the competitive rates as well. If a union quotes $100... and the non unions cost is 80% is the non union quoting $80? No... they're quoting $99... the difference in cost is being exaggerated.

James Morgan - Puritan Financial Advisor

The overall terms of the bailout weakened the union, but not as much as if the bankruptcy of the automakers had been allowed to proceed without government intervention.


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You're behind on the legislative track of the Employee Free Choice Act. In July 2009, the card-check provision was dropped from the EFCA.


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