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Great article, I've seen more and more successful women that are becoming CEO's and business owners,etc. It's a great thing to see!


Is academic culture biased towards women? Assuming that the variance of intelligence of men is higher than women, then this could easily be true, as entrenched systems and traditions can be biased against those extra men in the tails. While several notable high school and college dropout males can be identified as 'successful', outside of those women who are partly known for their physical beauty, it seems more challenging to identify similarly successful female dropouts.


nay, won't happen. it is all supply and demand curve. once it is over 50% women for the work force, they are commodity. Just look at the scholarship for boy set up... The current earning is value the degree because HR is too lazy to dig out all the real talent (how many company founder are drop out)? Once someone wake up and put a real HR in place: value the real intelligence rather than degree (like the 60s... the engineer send man to moon working behind the curtain, many of them do not have degree, correction, high degree), the earning curve would change to more balanced, based on true talent of individual, rather than gender.

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I dont think they will surpass, I think they will be about even very shortly.

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Yeah, right. Women and men will be at parity when marijuana become legal. Oh... oh... what's this: http://lawblog.legalmatch.com/2010/10/21/california-might-legalize-marijuana-what-are-the-feds-to-do/


ST Makes some good points as to HR being so insistent on a college degree for jobs that could be learned in weeks or months by many HS grads. One trouble, I suppose, is either "laziness" or the difficulty in determining who the well prepared students are. With the cost of college soaring at multiples of the inflation rate there seems elements of classism if not out-right racism in these practices. I think other nations do well with more vocational and apprentice programs.

As academics and politicians KNOW these sad figures for "blacks" and Hispanics it would seem to behoove us to do something more about it than to devise "cute" property tax based school funding systems that leaves "those people" behind.

TX, MO, NY and other states are now having to comply with court orders to, at least, make their funding more equitable.

As we know the educational challenge is higher in some areas than others "equity" would seem to fall short of what we should be doing IF we want to "break the cycle". And surely the best place to bring our overall averages up is that of bringing the "left behind" up to par. Having 30% plus rates of unemployment among young men in any part of our city or nation is virtually the same sort of crucible for trouble as in countries where terrorism ferments. Already we in the US imprison our fellow citizens at TEN times the rate of our civilized competitors with only Russia coming close. Hardly a model for being "competitive" in the "global economy".

Those interested can click on a state to see how it is faring in terms of staving off equitable funding by spending years and many precious dollars in court.


ST........ you've one mistake though. As we're no longer a nation of "men's" or "women's" jobs but with statistically few exceptions "unisex" the S and D curves will arch over all.

It strikes me as not too important if the average pay for women out paces that of men by some small percentage, the real trouble is that of "likes" becoming couples that will further amplify the trend of our nation becoming yet more of a nation of haves and have nots.

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One trouble, I suppose, is either "laziness" or the difficulty in determining who the well prepared students are. With the cost of college soaring at multiples of the inflation rate there seems elements of classism if not out-right racism in these practices. 2010 new ugg boots


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In recent years has been to enhance women's status, but there are groups found that the median wage of women in Hong Kong were still lower than 3,000 men, only men about income Liu Cheng; while women receiving CSSA also greatly increased over the past 7 years, double the half to 27 million people. Criticized the Government for the welfare sector to improve the lives of women in terms of "no show" the growing problem of poverty, women, worried about the aging population will make the problem worse, urged the Government to introduce a universal retirement protection system.

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Finally, the report states 60% find it easier to locate “knowledge” on the Web than on internal systems. I used to ask this question


As hard as many may find to believe, in Egypt women are paid the same as men for the same job but are given less work to do. I honestly have no idea how in the west women are still getting paid less to do the same job.


thank you for sharing


will this issue effect next generation?

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Great article, I've seen more and more successful women that are becoming CEO's and business owners,etc. It's a great thing to see!

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Now a day some of the women has the highest paying job over men. I appreciate that you have shared this interesting info; be back for more readings.

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