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This is such a big post..It has a lot of matter to read and which is worth off...Well legacy admissions may actually reduce inequality, because the abler person pushed down to a lower-tier school may have lower lifetime earnings as a result,and if as is likely he is upper middle class, the reduction in his lifetime earnings will reduce inequality..

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Thanks for the cool badgees! When do we find out who the Petties nominees are???

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The college and its legacy admits like the practice of legacy admissions and do not want to change it; should they be forced to because of the harm the practice causes to other members of society?

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Really great post.. The college and its legacy admits like the practice of legacy admissions and do not want to change it and the question arises-should they be forced to because of the harm the practice causes to other members of society?

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Well The perception that college education is essential for success and happiness has led to the fact that this is something everyone wants or needs,the universities becoming major businesses,driving the costs up for a whole variety of reasons,giving the pols the opportunity to "provide" and the consequential federal and state control..Thanks


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Political economists describe the process whereby government officials end up being the servants rather than the masters of the firms.

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Maybe the knowledge that the debt ceiling could be a dramatic face-off can help the government try to avoid having to raise the debt limit in the future.

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Do you think that paying primary care physicians more will get better ones or do you agree with your recent WSJ article that paying judges more will not get better judges? After all, human nature is human nature.

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How should we think about legacy professorships at a Law School?


The advantage is not primarily that the preferentially admitted student receives a better education..This blog sounds really good. Very well explained. One can get inspiration with this read...

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Lawyers do what they see fit but giving legal entry to students is getting more difficult for foreigners

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The college and its legacy should bring practice of legacy admissions and should not change it whatever the condition is. This blog provides us with the useful information.


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Having higher numbers of occupants per existing structure doesn't bode well for selling off the homes having fallen or about to fall into the laps of bankers.All of the sci-fi stories pointed to a shorter work week, more leisure time and industries developing around increased leisure time coupled with the income to enjoy it. We have nothing like that in place or even in mind. Instead those desperate for any kind of job are to work longer hours for less pay and be appreciative for their opportunity.

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We have nothing like that in place or even in mind. Instead those desperate for any kind of job are to work longer hours for less pay and be appreciative for their opportunity.

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The bitter truth is that the employment prospects for a recent college grad are far more grim, especially full-time employment in their field of study.

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The Occupy Movement and everyone else worried about earnings inequality should be emphasizing the need to find ways to encourage more high school dropouts and high school graduates to get the required background and study habits so that they can, and want to, continue on for a college education.

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There‘s always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.

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As compared to the post-World War II era, Americans with high school diplomas today are much less likely to find manufacturing jobs, because there are 2-3 billion people in emerging economies with similar skills who are willing to work more cheaply in order to have a shot at attaining a middle class standard of living.

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Legacies cannot be far from doom unless of course one can can somehow "influence" someone. Think health care become education .
This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. this is very nice one and gives indepth information. cheers for this great blog post!

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