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We would have less income inequality, greater mobility, better schools and neighborhoods, and less crime if everyone, especially parents, instilled better values including the Protestant work ethic
Amy Chu and her husband discuss the role of values in the following article
and Niall Ferguson has also discussed the six killer apps that made America great


"I believe much of the blame rests with the fact that many children from minority families are raised with a single and not very educated parent, and that the quality of the schools attended by minority children is deficient. The interaction of these two forces produces a deadly mixture holding back the progress of minority children. The degree of mobility would increase significantly if ways could be found to efficiently lower the high school dropout rate."

Which may suggest, more, not less spending on education which might include counselors and mentors for both "kids at risk" ............ and their parents who didn't get an owner's manual when they may have become parents at a young or poorly educated age.

We do a lot of hand wringing over "wishing" all parents were good parents, but if we have any hopes in the realm of cycle breaking, it's hard to think of anything other than our schools doing a bit more.

Lastly? Why do the becker posner sites so often have goofy stuff like a time limit for making a post?


I do not understand why the US-Government allow this massive immigration from Mexico. That decrease the overall human capital in the USA and harm the United States. Why this stupidity?

jim kirby

Yo Fredoom,

Immigration from Mexico makes perfect sense. What we get from Mexico are educated, potty-trained workers with a great work ethic.

What we need to curtail is the rampant breeding here in the USSA: every kid costs $10,000 to birth and $150,000 to mis-educate in our public schools.

Do you understand economics at all?

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