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I have two main comments--first, that these arguments seem to me to be "deja vu all

over again," meaning that that are pretty much the same (basic) arguments made against a

common US currency among the states in our past.

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The single currency should and will

survive, precisely because its framework provides a means for member states--and their

people--to address the problems, while still enjoying the benefits--as we have since a

single currency was introduced--of the single currency and the rapidly integrating


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have often wondered how much righteous outrage against Vietnam there would have been by those bright young college students had there been no draft and they were not threatened with the possibility of maybe ending up over there.

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Outstanding post, it's a shame most people won't get it. Harry's Ghost is right, we are too big for our britches now.

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We have become the British Empire and these wars will take us down as a nation. The poor have nothing to lose but it's a real pity the middle class has to go down.

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Nick: I suppose there is a grain of truth in what she said, but then I don't believe anyone can really "get over" watching their spouse die a slow death in front of them. I accept the reality, as I have no other choice.

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I hate those kinds of epiphanies. I think she sounds selfish and unkind. Too many abandon when it gets hard. It sucks that you needed humanity and you got high and mightiness instead. Don't help her clean her house!


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