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crystal block

Hey Man, I love Google and my Android phone too! Glad to see it coming and Hi

Cathrine! Gorgeous and talented as ever I see.

bar stools

Hey another woman who like Chuck too, we can't talk about it so who knows how many are

out there HA!Loved the movie too. I like bleak and tough, and breakneck speed writing.
Maybe I'll be sitting next to you on the way to Vegas and we'll somehow reveal our


air jack

The young man had no obligation to stroke my ego. I took it in stride,

but the shop girl selling cosmetics, asking you if they had Clinique in the

stone ages...she could use a copy of "customer service for dummies."

shop press

I recently had a younger male (early 30's) guess my age in casusal

conversation. He looked me up and down, noted my shawl and sophisticated

bearing (according to him) and guessed 48 or 49. I had just turned 40. I

thought he could use a little tip "...when guessing a woman's age, always

err on the side of younger. Oh, and while I'm at it, never ask a woman when

she's due." Duh!!

floor jack

You're lucky to have such a supportive sister. Best of luck to you in what you're going through.

hydraulic jack

I'll trade you ted's aviators for a mike jackson wig; okay, okay, I'll throw in the nail clippers and 2 pages of the 15th manifesto.

jack stands

Well, the victims get the money, if at a price that might not be worth it like you say.

jack stand

I can't imagine he'd have anything of real value considering how he lived...And the people who would purchase mementos of his evil due to some perverse interest or to amaze the folks at the bar b que next Sunday are just inviting those demons in.

solar energy china

Ugh, I hate it when you need someone to come through for you and they just do what they normally do, and what they normally do is shit. I never felt anything like support from my siblings when it counted, especially in the later years. It was like, nothing was in it for them. I am sorry you didn't get the support you needed. Sometimes it just doesn't matter if you are right, wrong or otherwise, you just need someone to say they care, or listen with empathy. I am glad you shared this and I hope things get better for you and your husband too. Maybe your sister will wise up and call you back.

solar energy factory

Wow, just, wow. It's tough to see someone go through the depression stage and it can become frustrating but there are things you just don't say.


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