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BTW, why were the siblings sent all the way to Minnesota? Weren't there any willing foster parents in Nebraska for them? If any part of this case were handled incorrectly, that might be it, although I admit I don't know the circumstances.

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This is so awful. My sister (ten years older) and I were not all that close growing up due to our age difference, but I cannot imagine my life without her. The 8 years we shared in the same home were some of my fondest childhood memories.

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tional advantage of allowing a period of social experimentation from which we might learn more about the consequences of homosexual marriage. One state, Massachusetts, already recognizes homosexual marriage, as do a small but growing number of foreign nations (Spain, Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands). Perhaps without judicial intervention gay marriage will in the rel

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wonderful story. I was expecting a different ending. Cool, marvelous story....

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If you thought that dating after forty was scary, try it a decade later! Though I looked at it as an incredible learning curve, most of the learning was about myself.

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Everyone deserve the right to find the right one. Sometimes it just takes time which is pretty precious at some ages.

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