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Tracy W

You seem to be assuming that the only purpose of maths is for work.

But I understand that the USA nearly everyone over age 18 can vote. Surely maths is important as part of the toolkit necessary to analysis policy?

Also, and even more personally than voting, I suspect that nearly everyone in the USA pays taxes, if not on their income then sales taxes, etc. Surely this is easier and more understandable if you understand maths?

And who would not benefit from being able to calculate how long it would take to pay back a loan, given the interest rate and monthly payments?

Also, out of curiousity, how many countries do really lack flexibility in their education system? I get the impression Americans believe firmly something like that in most of the world your career path is set at age 11. But it's not like that in NZ, or in the UK, or in Australia. In how many countries is it like that?


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