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in Israel. Because if they did, someone might ask, Hey ole Tom, is this just a meattr of druthers, you know, you are a right-wing Greater Israel kind-a-guy, and many Americans' are just anti-Israel kinds-a-guys-and-gals, you know, all just druthers and no principles involved, is that it, ole Tom? Perhaps he'd say, yes, there are no principles involved, just druthers, although I'd dearly love for many Americans' to believe that Israel would be weaker and in fact be in grave danger if she gave up the West Bank and, especially, one square inch of East Jerusalem. But that in-danger bit is sheer nonsense and he knows it. So it goes.


Traci has definitely ehpled me. Over the two years I've been seeing her, she has seen me in all kinds of moods and with all sorts of things going on in my life, and she has somehow always known the right thing to ask, just the right question. She has never failed to be on my side, that is, on the side of my growing and strengthening. I'm grateful.

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