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The idea that anybody has some sort of obligation to answer every comment strikes me as absurd as claiming that blogs should be disregarded because they have no editors or fact checkers. It's an attempt to take over the discussion on someone else's bandwidth and dictate to the blog proprietors what they can write about.

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We should educate our society more especially our drivers.

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This brings up the fact that a .08 BAC is only randomnly associated with being drunk in a motor skills sense. Better drivers can stomach more before having their skills reduce to the level of the truly terrible drivers.

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I think one point we can all agree on is making the punishment for harming an individual because of drunk driving even graver. I’m not sure however, if lessening the punishment for simply drunk driving is such a good idea, because it can be taken advantage by drunk drivers.

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AAA is making a big push for IIDs and eight in ten drivers go as far to say that they would support legislation requiring ignition interlocks for all those who are convicted of drinking and driving, including first-time offenders.

“Evidence clearly shows that IIDs are more effective than other methods at reducing re-arrest among convicted drunk drivers and keeping them off the road,” AAA President and CEO Robert Darblenet said in a statement. http://zautos.com/how-to-stay-safe-on-the-roads-for-the-new-years-holiday/

Whats to lose by trying the locks?

AAA advises drivers to always plan for a designa

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