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s for high education leading to liberalism...well, by and large actors c Hollywood are not that highly educated.
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But as you note, correlation isn't causation, and I suspect that the illegality of polygamy itself gives rise to many of those problems and permits them to flourish (by pushing polygamy underground, fostering a defensive fortress mentality in its practitioners, and detering abuse victims from seeking help). Knowing that seeking official help for abuse will likely destroy your entire community and end with your family broken up and in state custody does not tend to make people enthusiastic about demanding their rights. With legal alternatives enabling people who wish (for whatever reason) to practice polygamy to do so openly, I wager you'd find much less tolerance within those communities for the types of abuse you see now.

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those parents split up at higher rates. That is dangerous and unsupported territory, unsupported if only because there is not enough data - openly gay couples raising children being a relatively new phenomenon. A couple staying married throughout their childrens' youth does not necessarily equal a happily-married couple. Many couples stay together "for the kids," which often breeds resentment which is often directed at the marriage partner. I would venture that kids observing this dynamic growing up might have more problems forming healthy adult relationships than those exposed to a happily-married gay couple, even if that couple eventually splits up

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Why does it matter what a person thinks or cares about someone's sexual preference. I think we should be more concerned with people with low IQs having children, they are the ones ruining our nation.

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