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This is so great - your father sounds an awful lot like mine - great loving post.

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Tears in my eyes and joy in my heart knowing people like this walk the earth. I mean all of you. Thank you for a beautiful love story.

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This was very nice. I enjoyed meeting your dad through your matured perception of him. When we are younger we often don't realize that which we appreciated in our parents all along, but weren't aware in the throes of our youth and ignorance.

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I'm very touched by this, Sharon. The picture of your mom and dad is a beautiful one that will keep him forever young in your mind. I can imagine your wearing his red sweater and feeling a different kind of connection to him in its embracing warmth.

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I love this story! I had anticipated some sort of tragedy, and it turns out ol' Dad was just freaked out by a snake. Seeing the man you've always looked in that state must have been a real eye-opener. Thank you for sharing.

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I can't think of better gifts - the sweater, with its memories of your dad, and your talent, artistic and with words. Your mom had a hand in both. You do them proud, Sharon.

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well told, and though he was no outdoorsman, his code of honesty and respect shines in every sentence.

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I don't know how so many people could get so many things wrong in such a short period of time, or how you could have spent so much time watching them utter one inanity after another....or why you wasted the effort.

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But even without knowing all those logical fallacies and inconsistencies—I instinctively realized that entire debate fiasco was a crock of bullshit.

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As a genuine supporter of the conservatives, I can say the article seemed interesting and insightful to me. I have to do a research on this subject, and the info is useful though it is not completely up-to-date.


it best: A broader point here is that the psrsefoional world has become, in many ways, anti-family. Lawyers and doctors, especially, are expected to work absurd hours and are paid, in return, absurd amounts of money. But this leaves many of them unsatisfied on a personal level. It also destroys marriages and creates entire generations of kids raised by nannies. I am not surprised that many bright, successful people are not satisfied with this life. Perhaps the professions need to reform themselves to become more accommodating to families. After all, families are the backbone of our society. Rather than lash out at women (or men) who take time off to raise their kids, academics -- feminists and otherwise -- should take a long, hard look at what the legal profession has become. And we're not just talking about soft costs, but also the real, tangible economic effects of broken families on society as a whole: substance abuse, domestic abuse, court costs and incarceration, etc.Besides all that, isn't there a basic conflict of interest in schools demanding that unemployed grads pay them? i.e. the fewer students that find jobs after graduation, the more money the school gets?


Comment 2...I don't really see the issue with tuadrages who elect to drop out of their degreed profession for any reason. If someone wants to go through the cost (social and economic) of an expensive education and they qualify for enrollment and they have the means to pay for it, then what, really, is the issue?My undergrad degree was a BS Geophysics. I worked in the oil business for 12 years with 10+ as an exploration geophysicist. Today I'm in marketing far from the oil patch.Did I waste my geophysics education? No. First, I received an extensive science and math education (and I use at least the latter all the time). Second, I learned how to analyze in an interpretive science (that is, geology has lots of grays) and use the skill all the time in my other work. And that's just a few of the benefits.Education is never wasted, although sometimes its economic value might not warrent its cost. To me, that's the only real issue.Maybe I'm just a practical realist myself. If I know going in that I don't plan to use my expensive education, then I wouldn't spend the money on it and incur the debt. I'd find other, less expensive alternatives. But that's me.


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