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This is a tough situation to try and regulate beforehand. We're trying to predict human nature as it relates to greed, and that's not an easy thing to do. Repealing the Glass-Steagall Act was the first in a long line of dumb decisions that were made.


When I went to the GSB twenty years ago, a C was a pretty good grade


A good and long article. This will help more people to know the finanical reform.


I wouldn't give the plan better than a D. Punts on Fannie/Freddie - which will end up costing close to $300 billion, and who fueled the growth of the subprime market. Plan does nothing to address massive subsidies toward corporate and individual leverage in our tax code, nor addresses subsides for homeowership. Plan broadens bailout safety net to more institutions w/o any real increase in regulation - bank regulators can already raise capitol. And of course, plan lets misguided monetary policy off the hook.


This country is getting what is deserves. The people running this country right now are going to destroy it. I have zero respect for any of them. I would never let any of my kids fight for this country anymore. I no longer have an ounce of patriotism, actually ashamed of my country. I honestly think this whole thing has to implode before we ever get back to our founding principles.

This is the coldest calendar year in decades, and we are about to tax carbon...? The northeast hasn't even seen the sun yet and our democrats are setting up the largest ponzi scheme ever with Cap and Tax under the guise of man-made global warming.

Obama says bankruptcy is not an option for Detroit one day. The next day he organizes a bankruptcy at Chrysler, screws a teacher's retirement fund, and props up his union buddies. And republicans hate teachers...!

Sotomayor headed to a Court that just rejected her racism. Just another Ginsburg bleeding heart marxist. We need reparations for hispanics now because they can't learn our language and pass fire fighter exams.

When conservatives stop defending this country, it is all going to fall apart because nobody else will. The lessons of Rome all over again. Better fill your pockets anyway you can, might have to cozy up to those boasting about fraudulent energy sources.



I forgot to add...

Barney Frank is proposing a new way for the GSE's to lend to those who can't pay a mortgage. Repeat of the 1990's I guess...! I guess they just have to force the banks to lend all over again.

It is okay though. We'll just blame the next republican president when this house of cards pops. We'll just reinflate the housing bubble all over again with BS like $8000 credits for first time buyers and artificially low interest rates. We'll forget all about Barney's ideas again, afterall GOVERNMENT IS NEVER THE PROBLEM.


You argue that individuals were acting in their perceived short term best interest when they took out inappropriate loans or excessive credit card debit. The crash has demonstrated that these actions, perhaps personally optimal in the short term, were neither societally nor personally optimal in the long term. And yet you still argue against regulations intended to prevent other individuals from making the same mistakes. Why?


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"And yet you still argue against regulations intended to prevent other individuals from making the same mistakes. Why?"

Nobody is arguing against proper regulation. The repeal of Glass Steagle was a mistake made by the Clinton Administration. I am arguing that beyond this government interference with the market causes bubbles and the inevitable bursting of those bubbles.

Great article from 1999.


We know the government sponsored subprime lending and allowed the GSE's to get too big on an "implicit" guarantee. Government allowed this bubble to form in the market. Bill Clinton actually started this mess (with the repeal of Steagle combined with pushing GSE's and subprime lending) and Barney Frank obstructed the Bush administration from reform in 2003.

Barney Frank is putting the ball in motion to do it all over again. This is like the sequel to Rocky XXXV all over again, except this time Rocky is a gay fat freak who cannot speak english just like Barney.



To illustrate your objection to the idiots running this country into the ground, don't fly Old Glory this July 4th. Try one of these flags instead.

Liberals burn flags to protest. Conservatives just pick flags that represent their principles. Maybe we'll go back to Old Glory once the socialists are voted out, but the damage they do may be irreversible unfortunately.


Taxing carbon when the unemployment rate is 10% is the dumbest idea ever proposed by a politician.

Obama and the Dems in Congress are destroying this country.


I think that the fundamental cause of this crisis on the side of the consumer is that people agreed to take part in contracts which they did not understand. The two biggest examples are adjustable-rate mortgages, which clearly contributed to the crisis when they began to default, and Bernie Madoff's Ponzi Scheme (which had precious little if anything to do with the economic crisis).

All I mean to say is that people shouldn't sign contracts they cannot understand.

With this in mind, I think that the moral hazards created by government intervention and guarantees in the financial sector gut the incentive for people to actually learn this lesson.


Obama is best President


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The current financial crisis was in many ways driven by the Federal Reserve and their inappropriate and emergency actions to lower the interest rates, leaving nothing in the tool box to counter the slow down in the economic.

For a long time Federal Reserve Chairman was holding the interest rate steady.

The country was experiencing a severe recession, though listening to WBBM (780 on the dial) radio at noontime being in denial of the fact by arguing over a definition of a recession, despite those who would come on the radio program indicating the economy was collapsing, which the two moderators would dismiss out of hand.

The two radio hosts were no more than readers versus any careful analysis of the economic trends. Nothing has change there. You can get ten year olds to do a better job of good and sound reporting and interviews than these two idiots of irrelevancy.

I had sent the Chairman numerous E-Mails, indicating the lowering the interest rate would wreck havoc on the economy looking toward a total collapse, receiving nice thank yous, indicating that chairman taking all things into account.

At one point with the stock market constantly down on a daily basis, I went to the Plant Manager of Horsehead Corp of Calumet Plant that he should seriously think about how he would run the plant with a total collapse of the economy. He smiled and somewhat laughed at my sincere comment that such thing cannot happen.

The current administration under President Obama has taken steps to begin to fix the problem by addressing the seriousness of the mess left by President Bush, who try to wreck the entire country, violating the Oat of Office.

Previous actions certainly didn’t advert what occurred, sleeping at the helm and curtailing whistle blowers.

The Republicans who have create the mess have become obstacle in its proper fix, lending themselves to un American activities through their actions and deeds instead trying to cooperate to bring change than continuing status quo, the good of the party versus the Good of the Country.



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I've got a novel idea. Let shareholders and creditors in failing institutions get wiped out. That should incentivize more conservative management since the funding of risky institutions would be dramatically greater. It is hard to make the quick buck if you can't get the capital to do so. The more conservative banks would have made a killing with the failure of the 'weak' banks and the government could have provided those institutions with the liquidity the market needed.

As for consumers, they knew exactly what they were doing. Everyone was expecting continuing home price appreciation which allowed them to justify putting little to no money down, exaggerate their income, and not consider the consequences of taking out a loan with a short-term 'teaser' rate. I wonder if the risk appetite would be different if mortgage loans were recourse.

Or maybe people are right and consumers were uneducated dolts that didn't have the capacity to understand the risks even if they wanted. That completely justifies moving to a state in which the all-knowing government makes our decisions for us (i.e. communism).


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