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All points well taken. However what would happen if the tax paying part of the population (about 50%) decides that they do not wish to be productive in order to have their money transferred to others to allow politicians to stay in office. A sort of "why work" mentality. After all, there are places and ways to live fairly well on a small (non-taxable income). I hear more people express such sentiments in the face of political ignorance and stupidity.


I'm glad I just came across your blog as I will continue to follow it. I've always "wondered" about the deficit problem and why it isn't a much bigger deal than it is. I have to imagine this deficit problem is not boding well for our future. I know there are a lot of people that just don't understand how it could be so high, and continue to grow, and not have major adverse effects on us. It's almost like "who cares" since the effects are minimal or non-existent on the average person. It's a pretty complex situation for sure, yet if someone could just "net it out" for the average American, then perhaps more focus on reduction could occur.


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