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[.........]I think the quality content should be charged. As we can see every day the spam community is growing so it is more and more difficult to get good content on the web. Thanks for sharing bro. ;)[..........]

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Revolucionario invento que pone patas arriba el mundo de la fotografía digital. Se trata de una cámara cuyo software funciona en modo "open source" para que cualquier persona pueda modificarlo y convertir su aparato en un modelo de élite o al menos configurarlo para dejarlo totalmente a su gusto. Gran idea que no entendemos cómo no se le había ocurrido a nadie antes. Estamos en la era de los códigos abiertos y la fotografía digital no podía ser menos. Larga vida al open source.

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it is really working very well. There is even a Vista feature (the first useful :-)), which makes it even better: you can easily map in Vista FTP-Folders as folders.

You can refer then to this folder from favorites as well.
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lets forget the playoffs for a second. here is a lovely little stat that we should all be mindful of.

9 carries for 18 yards. name that RB and get a prize! haha.

41 passes for 189 yards. name that QB!


The Internet and wireless transmission has not only vastly extended the ease of communicating quickly, but also provides quick access to information on a scale far surpassing anything available before.

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Profesor, not only are newspaper sales will be declining with the pass of time but many other things that population over 40 years old consider regular. Listening to radio stations with all that advertising(thats such a waste of time)is going out of style because mp3 players allow you to listen to what you want. Many small business will also see declining income if they dont update. The adult population still sees with doubtful eyes internet exchanges but younger population consider this pretty normal,my mother will have never bought anything online but I just got some puzzles and computer accesories with no problem.
Economics doesnt change just the goods and services that is trying to explain.

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I think the quality content should be charged. As we can see every day the spam community is growing so it is more and more difficult to get good content on the web. Thanks for sharing bro. ;)

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I agree that newspaper sales, and the print industry in general, is on a rapidly declining trend. As for Google, I think it's a good decision instead of international public relations but not necessarily the best business decision to have made. http://www.fullmediafire.com

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You would think that they world have OKd it at da beginning instead of allowing it to go so long without saying a thing and then bringing it back up when it was too late. yours truly dont understand it at all.
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The Internet and wireless transmission has not only vastly extended the ease of communication.


Any media restrictions based on some qualitative judgement regarding content is censorship. One can classify such things as adult related material, but restricting its distribution except in extreme cases of danger, defamation, etc. is indeed censorship.

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