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I'm flat broke myself so I couldn't help donate but I'm so happy for you!

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And your bbs are adorable!

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Dude, I understand that completely, I wouldn't have been able to help out anyone else before now either.

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And thank you!

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well, at least i feel a little better now :b

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Wow. That's really, really stupid.

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you're still playing grimn? wow man, lol. how've you been?

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i stopped playing for quite a while actually. got bored and loaded up again when i hear a new patch was coming out.
been pretty busy w work for the most part so havent been playing too much. what have you been up to?

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i played wow for almost four years on and off after leaving diablo. i've recently stopped completely because university and work don't really allow a lot of time between to play. anywho, i'm back on livejournal again and looking forward to catching up with everyone.

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I am so happy for you, bb, really. :)

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The over $800 billion American fiscal stimulus package is enormously unpopular in many quarters. Yet for others, including some well-known economists, a second package is needed to make unemployment decline faster. It is very difficult to give a definite answer to the effectiveness of what has been spent so far, but I believe both theory and quite limited empirical evidence suggest that it is likely having a small “multiplier”.

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I think this is a well deserved EP! I read it twice yesterday, but kept getting interrupted (stupid work!) and had to come back today to read properly and comment.

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This is an amazing piece that kept me reading on the edge of my seat till the end.

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