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That would be fine if that is what happened. But, despite your obvious business expertise, there is a chance that all books will someday be sold online.

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That said, we are certainly at the end of our vigor. Once you reach the top of the mountain, all roads lead down.

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Wonderful! I enjoyed learning about rug hooking first of all, and then how you transformed the students introduced to needlepoint.


That would have made my day. Sounds like a cute kid. His behavior doesn't remotely resemble sexual harrassment.


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he standard of living will continue to deteriorate and the dollar will lose its reserve status

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Funding for this war should require the approval of 2/3 of each house.

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The tax revenue will continue to go down, the US will have to monetize its debt, the standard of living will continue to deteriorate and the dollar will lose its reserve status. Maybe we should offer to take the place of Greece in the EU.

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i am an Indian. i do not know about the situation of u.s.a. but i like this article which exactly informed me about all the economic chaos which is recently spread through the EU zone, and how it can affect other economies,

thanks a lot

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I'd agree that large deficits after 2001 would have been a problem even if Bush had stayed with the tax tables of the Clinton era, but the annual deficits would have been something like $200 - $300 billion smaller each year with something like $2 trillion less debt today.

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Pero la pregunta persiste, ¿qué sucede cuando la mayoría de los compradores de la deuda que estamos en el momento en que la inflación es la única alternativa a los valores? ¿Tiene la teoría económica tiene nada que decir sobre esto, o va a ocurrir, como Niall Ferguson predice.

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