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Rosetta Stone

Filibusters have become increasingly common (and therefore cloture votes as well), and this is usually ascribed to growing political polarization. But a simpler explanation is that because the Senate is busier than it used to be, the announcement of a filibuster is generally enough to impel a cloture vote—the majority doesn’t want to take the time to try to wear out the filibusterers. If there are enough votes for cloture, the filibuster never takes place; if there aren’t enough votes, the majority gives up and abandons the bill that was to be filibustered. Hence the cost of filibustering has plummeted.

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God, that is awful! I am so sorry for what you're going through. I have a full time job with partially paid health insurance and a house, but am in a great deal of debt. What a country we're living in these days, damn disgrace.

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Wow, thanks for the great stories. It seems like everyone has an anecdote about the skating rink universe.

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Wow. Great piece. Not sure if you are trying to make a statement about guns or not. Either way, what a sad tragedy.

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What a great story! Do you think things would have turned out differently if he had been armed or not?

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It reminded me that, several years ago at a garage sale, I ran into my best friend from my childhood, who I hadn't seen since high school. Conversation was awkward - I got the sense that he'd gone through tough times - and I haven't seen him since. It's amazing how much people change as they go their separate ways.

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