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Thanks for the post. It was such an astonishing article. The US health care market is even more regulated than it being under-regulated. For instance, is that families in one state are usually not allowed to buy their health insurance from companies located in other states? Furthermore are the mandates that states inflict on insurance companies, such as coverage of the costs of normal birth deliveries. How can you expect the average person to pay for expensive procedures out of pocket? They might have forgotten the power of a free market.

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Again, the key is to increase;
1. Demand 2. Supply and 3. Savings.

I couldnt agree more, its all there in 3 simple words!

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Great post! Thanks for sharing. Studies show that men and women place a high value on even small decreases in their probability of dying at different ages.

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Many USCs have the same risks buying houses.US laws are to protect the interests of USCs.You are unreasonable and arrogant to believe that your dissatisfaction with them should influence US lawmakers.It is quite positive that our retrogression may be removed soon.This has happened in past too, but after 6 months the retro. was removed from our category and it may happen again.


Are we as Americans now going to allow the government to dictate our lifestyles?
For example: What will stop insurance companies from imposing higher rates to those whom don't exercise; those that consume fast or even fatty foods; those who drive more than 2 hrs daily; those with large breeds of dogs known to be aggressive; those that live in high crime districts; those with lower incomes; those with family medical problem history; those that communicate via cell-phone more than 1 hr daily(may increase chance of brain tumors); teens that text more than 10 times daily (may increase risk of carpel-tunnel syndrome); those that undergo homeopathic remedies?

do u think like this?


Politics is about Interest Groups. Sometimes it's easy to see where we're going, and sometimes not. Health Care is such an issue. In the long run, which you seem to focus on a lot, such a plan as we favor is possible. But we won't get there in a straight path, however much we'd like that.

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Thanks for your info. The "cadillac tax" is a good idea too. It is a "sin tax" like taxes on cigarettes and cop-killer armor-piercing bullets (if only!). You have explained everything well. I appreciate that you shared this to us. There is a lot of helpful information within those links.

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Holy shit. I can't beleive I actually read that whole thing. How boring.

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The most important needed reform is an increase the fraction of total medical costs that come from out-of pocket expenses in the form of large deductibles and significant co-payments. Out-of-pocket spending accounts for only about 12% of total American spending on healthcare, whereas the share of out-of –pocket spending is over 30% in Switzerland, a country considered to have one of the better health delivery systems. Partly because of this major difference, health care takes 11% of Swiss GDP compared to the much higher American percentage. As far as I can discover, nothing in the new bill really tries to raise the out-of-pocket share, and some changes would reduce it even further. These include tax credits for individuals and families that earn up to 400% of the federal poverty level (up to about $90,000 for a family of four) that enable them to get coverage through newly created Insurance Exchanges.


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insurance can be helpful especially if you have a family. Though you're paying much for it, for me it relieved from from any kind of headache when my kid needs immediate medical attention even without cash on hand.

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I'm more than a bit surprised at many of Becker's arguments for the status quo and/or small tweaks of a fundamentally flawed system:

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It is necessary for every company to cover health insurance for all employees. Though it sounds good but professionally it is difficult and even we can say impossible for small companies to pay for large medical problems. I appreciate your post on health insurance. Thanks for sharing.

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It all comes down to economics, I suppose, and how business in different countries try to fight their relative cultural baggage, in order to boost productivity, increase political stability, reduce wages, and increase efficiency.


Thanks, Gary. It just occurred to me the euphoria could have been delusional. My estimation as to how high the bullets actually were might have been pure hallucination.


This is a very thoughtful piece. Sheds light on a subject that is causing much consternation among the book-loving community.


I think this is a well deserved EP! I read it twice yesterday, but kept getting interrupted (stupid work!) and had to come back today to read properly and comment.

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