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Claims for medical malpractice are one of the most complex procedures in Irish law. But this should not stop you contacting a solicitor if you believe that you may have been the victim of medical malpractice.

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Second, the very cost of the health-care program, which is likely to be far higher than predicted by its sponsors and not nearly offset by tax hikes, spending cuts, or economies in the provision of health care, may act as a wake-up call for the need for fiscal reform. Greece is making real reforms in its economic system, because it has to; it’s broke. If the new health law, piled on top of all the other measures that are causing the federal deficit to explode, causes real damage to the United States, the stage will be set for real reform.

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I think America needs to support health care only because we are the richest and most powerful country in the world. The fact of the matter is that we were the only ones without it and thus looked bad to other nations. Don't get me wrong, I personally think health care is both quite expensive and luxurious at that. However, supporting our citizens the best way we can will give the country a better image overall.

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One thing becomes evident upon watching these clips carefully: these three men are angry. They are angry about what was going on in our culture, knew they were in a losing battle, but fought it anyway.

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A very wise man once said, that sooner or later all countries are aware of the personal psychoses of their supreme leaders. We are getting to be aware of that problem with President Obama only now.

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i'm not sure the regard for truth is anywhere near as important as ideological agreement today.

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Great insights! Also remind me to be a discerning reader.

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The photographs certainly added to the telling of this tale.


Thank you for this. Please don't worry about making people sad. Trying to get at the truth is the important thing.


Wonderfully written, full of love. Well deserved EP.


We all need to have some humility about what we can reasonably control or we drive ourselves nuts. But this isn't easy when there's a lot at stake.


It's funny to look at what we decide to ban and what we consider basic freedoms.


In my head I'm hearing this on the stage as a spoken-word performance. I would love to hear this at an open mic or poetry slam!! Beautiful. Provocative. Inspiring. Thanks.

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The new health care law may push us just close enough to the edge of bankruptcy to require some rational fiscal response to avoid it. That's pretty much the premise of my bond portfolio, so I hope he's right.

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A very wise man once said, that sooner or later all countries are aware of the personal psychoses of their supreme leaders. We are getting to be aware of that problem with President Obama only now.

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The idea that anybody has some sort of obligation to answer every comment strikes me as absurd as claiming that blogs should be disregarded because they have no editors or fact checkers. It's an attempt to take over the discussion on someone else's bandwidth and dictate to the blog proprietors what they can write about.

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