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Why are you targeting religious liberty, which is guaranteed by the United States Constitution?

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This is an excellent article, but I can't say that I completely agree. It maybe true that healthcare might not be able to sustain itself for a much longer time. But the change shouldn't be about on cutting down the cost but on improving the health care quality, which will result to fewer hospitalization, thus in effect bringing down the cost.


y that I completely agree. It maybe true that healthcare might not be able to sustain itself for a much longer time. But the change shouldn't be about on cutting down the cost but on improving the health care quality, which will result to fewer hosp


at a varying range of costs that depend on the extent of the coverage, the annual deductible, the out-of-pocket cap (if any), limits on out-of-network health care providers, and other variable that a rational economic decision maker should


However, when you are the sufferer in any of these circumstances, and the wrong diagnosis of your illness


effect will result from the fact that insurance,(even with deductibles and copayments, drives a wedge between the cost of a service and its price, and so increases demand. (It’s like a restaurant with a buffet: the marginal cost of eating all you want is zero.) Persons who are uninsured are deterred from consuming medical services in quantity— because of cost (they are billed for such services at very high prices and may be forced into bankruptcy if unable to pay), because of difficulty of obtaining quality service from charity hospitals or other “free” providers, or simply because, though they can “afford”


lthough on balance I think the new law is a mistake, there are three things that can be said in its favor. The first is that it is a genuine social experiment, and we are bound
to learn a lot from it—about the size and elasticity of demand for medical services, the reliability of cost estimates by the Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Budget Office, the reliability of advice given by health economists, the relative perceptiveness of liberal and conservative commentators, the ability of the federal government to manage a vast and highly complex program of social welfare, and, a related
point, the relative efficiency of a lightly regulated market, versus a government-controlled market, in providing health services, and perhaps goods and services more generally.

Secondly, the very cost of the health-care program, which is likely to be far higher than predicted by its sponsors and not nearly offset by tax hikes, spending cuts, or economies
in the provision of health care, may act as a wake-up call for the need for fiscal reform.Greece is making real reforms in its economic system, because it has to; it’s broke. If
the new health law, piled on top of all the other measures that are causing the federal deficit to explode, causes real damage to the United States , the stage will be set for
real reform.

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