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A large reason why the American economy has an advantage over the European economy is the common language unites all fifty members of the USA. Europe has a single currency, but a plethora of languages. It is the language problem which inhibits migration in Europe from low employment areas to high employment areas, and acts as an impediment to the Eurozone's efficiency. Even if Europe makes the necessary reforms in its fiscal and monetary institutions and policies, it still will be faced with the built-in inefficiency of numerous languages trading in the one market.

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Of course it is important to point out that what passes for a “conservative” Republican these days is someone sitting squarely on the fence as a moderate voting for increased government when they think they can get something out of it or buy votes for their own reelection. So it was not too hard for the Democrats to find people to the right of these Republicans, or at least who could appear to the right of these Republicans, to run against them. They pitched a big tent and made all sorts of promises to these so-called “conservative”http://www.epayebuy.com/nfl-jersey-cleveland-browns-c-1_11.html

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Handy piece of writing, I favor to create information and facts for the reason that it allows bloggers for getting far more engaged and towards the possibility to obviously know from each and every other.


On a longer-term note I know farmers wgo emplor low-til practices and averaged--yes I do mean averaged--more than 200 hundred bushels per acre last year. I remember when 125 was considered respectable. And yes there are wind turbine fields in central Illinois. I personally believe the nukes are a better long-term source of energy.

As to polling on immigration, it could be that if you count the immigrants you'll find that the US is by far the most desirable place to live.

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European economic stagnation and public overindebtedness is in short mainly a political problem, resulting from a swollen and still rapidly expanding demand for government services.

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One card, one sentence, one mood, one story!

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Germany has moved significant manufacturing east into better, low cost labor climates. That probably permits Germany to carry France a while longer, and it gives German unions notice that they must come to terms with actual values. Nevertheless, until France awakens to its need to take care of itself in modern economic terms, Western Europe faces a period of continued stagnation.

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I added Google Reader to your site when I have spare time try to follow.Thank you.


The European and American economic woes are not the cause of our national malaise and dissolution but rather the effect, among others. The loss of our culture, morality, community and wisdom are the causes Among others, all probably natural oscillations in civilizations but irreversable once begun. History is full of examples, some ancient, some modern.

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I think it is important to first remember there are certain core people that meet regularly to plan what happens in the world and especially what happens with the economies of countries go her to read about those people



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Much of her work is based on the beauty and use of color in countries such as Indonesia and India.

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wontons but you could use a thicker wrapper, wrap them differently, and steam them instead of boiling. I have the same problem buying frozen dumplings - I won't buy them if they have MSG. Fortunately my city, Montreal, has a very good Chinese dumpling house with soup dumplings, and they offer bags of them frozen for takeout at very reasonable prices. I love seeing the two women .

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That is the current economic situation, with Greece taking the place of the defaulting state, and the European Union taking the place of the U.S. government, in my hypothetical example. And the situation will be resolved, one way or another. One way would be by a default, perhaps accompanied by a bailout of banks whose solvency is endangered by the default. Another way would be by Greece’s abandoning the euro in favor of its own currency, And a third way would be by fiscal measures (“austerity”) that would restore the government’s solvency.


Wonderful tribute to your friend, Matt, and heartbreaking. I'm sorry you lost him.


That would be fine if that is what happened. But, despite your obvious business expertise, there is a chance that all books will someday be sold online.


This story generated feeling of fear and dread until the end. Euphoria can happen from this type of contrasting dread and realization.


It is amazing what fear can lead us to believe. You brought me along with you, though I started getting a little pissed the Army would risk killing it's own soldiers. Nice piece of writing my friend. Glad to see it is where it belongs...on the cover.

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Thank you for this. Please don't worry about making people sad. Trying to get at the truth is the important thing.

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In my head I'm hearing this on the stage as a spoken-word performance. I would love to hear this at an open mic or poetry slam!! Beautiful. Provocative. Inspiring. Thanks.


Of course, this only applied to dignified rifle-hunting of stags and boars.

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Wonderful writing and a fascinating story, Matt! I was fearful all might not end well for a moment there but boy was I smiling when that jackrabbit took off!

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Very informative article. Thank you.

Hopefully online marketing jobs don't dry up in the wake of this ongoing economic collapse. The Dow dropped, what, 512 points today?! It's starting to feel like 2008 all over again. Ever wonder what's really going on? I think I know.

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