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Beginning next year, the government plans to publish new, supplemental poverty figures that are expected to show even higher numbers of people in poverty than previously known. The figures will take into account rising costs of medical care, transportation and child care, a change analysts believe will add to the ranks of both seniors and working-age people in poverty.

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African countries has picked up the pace extremely fast, they are really fighting back with the recession.

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If he is looking for western cowboys doing their thing in Africa there is also plenty of that too. Consider Standard Bank which has roots in Britain, is based in South Africa and is investing in the African growth story. Or he may look at Lonrho or Gateway Communications, smaller players both run by british expatriates.


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leaders once tried to insulate themselves from greater engagement with the outside world; they now realise that fulfilling their domestic needs demands a more activist global strategy.

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The farms are getting smaller because of customs preferencing equal division among heirs at death. Seventy percent of the population is in farming, contrasted with 7-8% in as backward a rural economy as France and 2% in the US.

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i would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

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However, attitudes of African leaders toward markets and private business began to change a couple of decades ago, in part because the socialist approach failed. Also important was the rapid economic growth experienced by the Asian tigers, China, India, and Chile as these nations shifted toward greater roles for the private sector and smaller economic roles for government. Democracy has also become stronger in some African countries, although strongmen and other undemocratic leaders still are prominent in many African countries.

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Very true. Those men, as well as some icons who have already left, were symbols of a world in which we grew up and felt safer more powerful and capable of success simply by following the rules of decency and good. It did work for a while, even if it might have been an illusion. ?R

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i'm not sure the regard for truth is anywhere near as important as ideological agreement today.


Thank you for this. Please don't worry about making people sad. Trying to get at the truth is the important thing.


In my head I'm hearing this on the stage as a spoken-word performance. I would love to hear this at an open mic or poetry slam!! Beautiful. Provocative. Inspiring. Thanks.


A great tribute to Hermione, books and women who aren't afraid to exhibit smarts.


Wonderful tribute to your friend, Matt, and heartbreaking. I'm sorry you lost him.


The thing that amazes me is that after many years teaching, in all sorts of environment, my students' desperate need still gets me.


This story generated feeling of fear and dread until the end. Euphoria can happen from this type of contrasting dread and realization.

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The idea that anybody has some sort of obligation to answer every comment strikes me as absurd as claiming that blogs should be disregarded because they have no editors or fact checkers. It's an attempt to take over the discussion on someone else's bandwidth and dictate to the blog proprietors what they can write about.

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