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Jon Anderson

I think it would be much more effective to pass a bill raising the inheritance tax to 100 per cent. That way, the offspring of the rich would eventually have to go to work.
Inherited wealth is one of the great curses of the country, undermining the moral will of many to leave the Racquet Club, the Saddle & Cycle Club or the Lake Geneva Country Club and contribute to society. (Serving on fashionable boards of directors after making donations doesn't count.)
If such a bill, aimed towards a truer meritocracy, gets started in Congress, I'd be happy to lobby for it.

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Ruth Dunn

100% inheritance tax where would it end, taxed on the old car your dad left or on your mums wedding ring.
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Agree with the article. The extension is way too long and it will definitely encourage people to stay unemployed longer or best case scenario encourage people to turn down jobs where they're not making what they used to or more, which in many cases is going to be an unrealistic expectation in the current economic environment.

When the economy is good it's not unrealistic to generally expect better pay and so forth, but when the economy is doing bad there will be cutbacks and usually it's going to be in the number of employees or your pay.

Van Gogh

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I think it would be more effective to pass a bill to raise inheritance tax to one hundred percent. Thus, the descendants of the rich will eventually have to go to work.
Inherited wealth, is the country a great curse, destroy a lot of moral will to leave the tennis club, and the cycle will saddle or Lake Geneva Country Club, contribute to society. (The Board of Directors, the stylish non-computing services contributions.)
If such a bill to create a more real elite, in the beginning of Congress, I will be happy to lobby for it.

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