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We should have unemployment TRAINING after 6 months...not compensation. Train for 6 months so they can ease into another position.


Am I seeing this right? It's total jbsoels (11% of total US population and where they live) as opposed to per capita in each area? I dunno, just trying to understand the map because I was under the impression there weren't any massive differences in total jbsoels until you got into certain states, and most states would show as being a similar shade if the data were shown a little bit differently.


Folks need to be more entrepreneurial mniedd, which they were never trained to be. They were taught to get a job out of school and work for decades and then retire. Those days are over.I'm in my early 40s and got into IT and there are so many jobs (and better yet contracts) that it's not funny. Plus I'm now learning mobile application development so tons to learn. Luckily I developed a voracious appetite for learning which helps.I've answered lots of questions in forums and built up a reputation so that you don't even need to be interviewed anymore and I work remotely here in New Brunswick. I wish more people would take the plunge and remove the fear they have to make the change.


The unemployment rate is cleaucatld by dividing the number of unemployed people (regardless if they are receiving benefits or not) by the total labor force. A person does not have to receive unemployment compensation or have to file a claim to be counted as unemployed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.The good news is that South Carolina showed an increase in employment for January, which was the fifth consecutive month of employment growth for our state. In this month, an additional 3,599 people went back to work. Since January 2010, 18,600 more people had jobs than the same time last year.Thanks for your comments and question.


I really like the comment about Chile's system for unemployment. It makes sense to have some ownership over the funds that you use, although I can see the problem for people who need as much of their paycheck as possible in order to pay bills. It seems like minimum wage would need to increase in order for a program like this to work here. When I was unemployed last year, I had to pay achild custody attorney in Overland Park, KS but I was able to work it out because of the unemployment that I was receiving.

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