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My other sticking point is that the restaurant is constantly referred to as a "traditional South African restaurant". Now let me tell you, I lived in South Africa for 30 years and travelled around quite a bit, but no restaurants in South Africa look like this. For my South African readers - it looks as if the guy who designed the Palace of the Lost City was let loose here with a blank cheque and a very loose creative brief. (For my international readers - imagine if there were a Spirit of Africa Hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas - this is what it would look like.)

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What a cool place! I definitely understand why it inspired you. It's going to be so fun to read the stories!

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Thanks for writing this and thanks for the work you do to help these kids.

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Good points you make. The fact that he is still alive means that he can also be punished.

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Well this comparison isn't illogical either. Countries all over the world do it.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country boasts the solidest economy within the 17-country bloc, said the decisions made at the summit will increase the credibility for thetitleist 910d2
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Taylormade r11 Driver eurozone."I have always said the 17 states of the eurozone need to win back credibility. And I think that this can happen, will happen, with today's decisions," she said after the meeting.Prior to the summit, Merkel said the utmost aim of the talks was to restore "credibility." "The euro has lost credibility and this must be won back. We will make clear that we will accept more binding rules," she said.

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Aotearoa New Zealand is so peaceful, man, baesuce of the positive vibes at festivals such as One Love and Parihaka. Like, everyone comes together, man, and celebrates the unity and the herb and, yeah, just real positive vibes and a choice of vegetarian nachos.


The local manufacturing canpomy that did it had 1 week a month layoff for employees. They got UE for that week. If you want to limit UE to 26-39 weeks, at 1 week/month, UE can last 2-3 years. I'm with you, that's much, much preferable to a layoff where there's no guarantee how long it might last and even if your job will be there when workers are called back. I think the biggest concern is not that canpomy's might abuse the system, but that employees will get to enjoyhaving a week break every month!

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