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If you are receiving CONTRIBUTIONS-based JSA, you MAY be able to counnite claiming it if you are going to Europe TO LOOK FOR WORK but you will probably have to give at least 4 weeks' notice; there are various forms to be completed and letters to take with you to the equivalent of Jobcentreplus in the European country you are going to. Please note that there may be only certain European countries where we have reciprocal arrangements.If you DO qualify for your JSA Contributions-based to be exported, you will only get the same equivalent rate as you currently get in the UK; if the standard of living is higher in the country you go to, you may find yourself financially worse off than staying in the UK.In addition, your JSA would still exhaust at the same time as it would if you stayed in the UK regardless of whether the other country's benefit entitlement would otherwise last for a longer period.If you only get INCOME-based JSA, you will not be able to export this benefit if you go abroad.


As part of my duties, I teach grade 9 ggporaehy. I have been told to keep my mouth shut about the ongoing phenomenon of Islamic girls being shipped back to the old country never to be seen again. Back 5 years ago I asked where I should ship their academic records too, I was told it was not neccessary. Yet no one in the administration wants any further discusion on this subject.


Good Lord!! Another reminder of Obama's lies. I wodner if anyone is keeping a list of all the lies.Deficit spending/high unemployment, when does it end and America starts acting again like the greatest country in the world?I can only suggest everyone read that new book about a small town in America where the citizens do take a stand. It seems to be about everything that is happening nowadays. I really don't trust either political party any more. It's a good read.booksbyoliver.com


But between May and June 2010, the ofiiafcl seasonally adjusted jobless rate for Black male workers over 20 years-of-age in the United States increased from 17.1 to 17.4 percent; while the unemployment rate for white male workers over 20 years-of-age increased from 8.8 to 8.9 percent, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The number of Black male workers over 20 years-of-age having jobs decreased by 126,000; while the number of white male workers over 20 years-of-age with jobs decreased by 78,000.


Your name indicates to me that you are aleadry biased and looking for like answers.Sorry but, in my opinion,YES the recovery took our money and recovered the rich. I would love to know the idiots name that thinks seeking employment is bad.Ratings my friend, there are five or six full time news stations and several local prime-time news; all competing to tell you the bad news first to improve ratings.


LMAO!!!! I would have 2 agree w/the other respondants. Any uoynplnememt these days can b detrimental, long or short. The old Wu Kong Fu question is, was your relationship strong b4 this point?!? Of course a relationship is a partnership and both parties have 2 b mindful that things such as uoynplnememt r most times spontaneous. Even if u have been given an advance notice of what will b coming, it still doesn't prepare u 4 the actual moments. Being n such a relationship I would have 2 say that being the person I am, I stand beside and behind my man. I take this time 2 provide strength and support when needed and find that intimacy can b affected by the actual unemployed individual because everybody gets tired! Tired of searching 4 work, tired of submitting applications, tired of going on interviews 2 no avail, tired of going 2 the uoynplnememt office inquiring about new listings, tired of being over qualified, tired of being underqualified, tired of temp agencies, tired of no follow ups, tired of postings being closed, tired of bills that have not ceased 2 exist just cuz u have been laid off, tired of not being able 2 enjoy everyday life and sick and tired of being n an environment n which u feel as though somebody is looking at u as though u ain't did s**t!!!!!!! Nothing's overnight and if it came overnight, then u can lose it overnight. I feel like availing yourself 2 your partner is VERY important. Don't add 2 the problem by hooping, hollerin and harping on insignificant things that u know good and well your partner would do if they could. So go grab your partner and let them know where u stand and how u feel and how u wanna make them feel and when u r done feel free 2 either roll over and hug up, smoke u cigarette or ask 4 2nds and 3rds!!!!!!!!!!!!! Money comes and goes, but u r lucky 2 b able 2 say u have found your soulmate and mean it!


There's a lot of broken homes, an rseitaonlhips due to the Sitiuation of Our economy.However, if its long term or short term unemployment it's very difficult to maintain a level head when your facing the possibilty of loosing everything you've worked so hard for. Therefore, it's important to continuing supporting your mate thru a rough time because supporting each other thru the storm you're dealing with can either build your relationship or destoy it. If you're Married remember the vows an stick to them even in the midst of long term unemployment an have Faith that Our Lord and Savoir will bring you thru.


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