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The articles are structured in such a way that you can Comment on an article directly or Reply to a Comment made by another. Simply click on the [Reply] link below their Comment.


The articles are structured in such a way that you can Comment on an article directly or Reply to a Comment made by another. Simply click on the [Reply] link below their Comment.

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California is broke,and that's the size of many countries, how long before the country it self is broke?

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I actually don't really care for chocolate that much. Nor am I in the habit of sitting around doing nothing. But I really am trying to relax more than I ever used to, and certainly more than my natural proclivities feel comfortable with.

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Can the banker in Monopoly go broke when he controls the supply of money?

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Sounds like a great night out, two of my favourite personalities and comedians, Michael McIntyre and Ian Holloway, I would have loved to have heard MMs impression of Ollie, that would have been great, I will need to check YouTube to see if the gag is there.

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i thought this was funny. Natalie Dee's comic shows what happens between egg friends when one them becomes a chicken. As Serious Eats put it...

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The federal government is broke. No doubt about it in my opinion

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*-*I am almost finished with the book!!!!
It is soooo good and so inspiring. It would be one of my favorite books even if I didn't know the family involved. *-*

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Bankruptcy is not limited to individuals and business firms; under U.S. law, even a city can be declared bankrupt; and this happens occasionally. In one Illinois town, the bankruptcy judge ordered the sale of city hall to satisfy creditors’ claims. U.S. states cannot be subjected to bankruptcy proceedings, and neither can the federal government, or the governments of other nations. But that doesn’t mean that a state or nation can’t be insolvent. Insolvency is the condition; bankruptcy is a method of treating the condition.

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Thanks for the cool badgees! When do we find out who the Petties nominees are???


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WE never see ourselves as others see us. With all due respect, Ed described you perfectly: "I am always amazed at your need to do things that are totally foreign to you, while all the while needing to never fail. It is a confusing combination - but it always works!"


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