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Citizen 1

Once the U.S. linked itself with the organized criminal religious enclave of Israel, its future has been bleak. During my lifetime the U.S. has contributed more in foreign aid to this supposedly wealthy nation than any other, ignored its international criminal conduct including an attack upon an American naval vessel the USS Liberty and is now engaged in endless wars as a surrogate for the Israeli-Jewish bankers and the wealthy and powerful who desire to continue to control the world's resources. Wall Street, nothing but the latest edition of the Jewish money changers Jesus so vehemently protested. What do they contribute? Nothing. They manipulate the money supply and paper "investments", suck the money out of the pockets of those who are productive and control our government. And, gee, when their "investment banks" go bad, after raking off hundreds of billions, they run to the government for a "bailout." And who is in control of the Treasury and our supposed "money"? They just happen to be their Jewish friends. Facts are facts. Reality is reality. Everything else is B.S. If you did not notice, Obama is surrounded by Jewish "advisors" just as George W. Bush. Only 2% of the country is Jewish. How do they control most of the media, our government and just about everything else? Look it up. Is it their supposed benevolence? Ask the Palestinians. Ask the Iranians. Ask the Afghanis. With three TRILLION dollars down the drain by the end of these criminal wars, justified by false propaganda and greed, and with the deaths of a approximately a million human beings, maybe the world would be better off without us.The average American will be on the hook for $100000 for the current and residual costs of these "wars." As for Mr. Posner, this is a man who rationalizes and attempts to justify US terrorism, torture, analyzes rights in juxtaposition to economic cost, and has been WRONG about just about everything since he assumed his lofty position. Where was Mr. Posner, a member of my generation, when we were involved in the last criminal wars in Southeast Asia in which THREE MILLION human beings died from the use of OUR WMD? He now protests the protesters, suggesting that his arrogant attitude changed with their violence. Abbe Hoffman, Dellinger, Hayden and the rest, true AMERICAN HEROES. They were RIGHT to protest and more should have done so. The current silence in this nation with the criminal conduct of government, both domestic and foreign, is astounding. Posner, a synonym for an arrogant pseudo intellectual THUG. Economist? Hardly. Learned jurist? An apologist for the criminal politicians who have seized power over our nation resulting in our current calamity. Ivy League Idiots. It is no wonder poor Richard's cat hates him. What sane animal could like a clown like this? America is on the ropes. And with referees like Posner, I fear the worst. Yes, Richard, this is freedom of speech. Now, maybe you can assess the cost and attempt to determine whether it should be allowed.


Obama has promised so many things and he sounded so confident and so sure about everything but I have seen no recovery at all. It will be a year now and still we are in this uncertain situation. How is it going to end? Will there be hope for everyone?

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i was exited about obama administration for tax, still no hope.


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i was exited about obama administration for tax, still no hope.

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The reduction in household wealth increased the amount of leverage (debt-equity ratio) in consumers’ personal finances, and consumers have been deleveraging by increasing their personal savings rate (which has increased from 1.7 percent three years ago to 6.4 percent today), leaving them with less money for consumption. One might think that today’s very low interest rates would discourage savings, but the other side of this coin is that savers must increase the amount of their savings in order to obtain the interest income they obtained when interest rates were higher.

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