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i like the The outcome should be rather obvious. Q.E.D. as the scientist above would say.


I would remove all of the imocne tax mumbo-jumbo, and I would instate a consistent flat tax everyone pays 15% if their imocne to the federal government. None of this tax shelter crap. No loop holes. You make $200K per year, you pay $30K in taxes. You make $50K per year, you pay $7,500 in taxes. Everyone pays the same percentage none of this crap of people paying more or less depending on their annual imocne level. And there wouldn't be all these deductions just pay your taxes.That way, there wouldn't be all the issues with the bottom line, who pays what, and if you tax one group, another group gets it passed onto them. If everyone is paying the same, no matter what they make, if they try to pass it on, they will pay more because they will make more.I would also eliminate the practice of companies calling rate hikes "taxes". You hike your rates, that is that you pay more because it is imocne. None of this crap of calling it a tax so you can make more money without having to pay taxes on it. Only the state and federal government can initiate taxes.I am not looking to "spread the wealth around", like conservatives are trying to say that individuals such as myself are trying to do. I just want everyone to pay their fair share to make money in this nation. This is NOT punishing anyone for being successful. It IS making everyone pay for their advantage so that everyone pays their share towards what is used in this nation. And a millionaire doesn't use less of the federal government programs than someone on welfare they are just using some of the different programs. They still need money to function, and they should pay for that as well. They enjoy the security of this nation's military they can pony up 15% for the protection.


Bob, you are clearly have liltte understanding of how taxes are calculated. I suggest you educate yourself before spouting off with an ignorant opinion. If you happened to be "just under" the 92% tax bracket and then you make a liltte bit more money to put you in the 92% bracket the 92% isn't applied to your entire AGI. It is only applied to the dollars made from where the bracket begins and upward. The dollars you earned before you hit that bracket are taxed the same way the already were. For instance in 2007 your first $16,050 is taxed at 10%, the next 49,050 is taxed at 15% etc. So a person whose AGI is $400,000 and has a taxable income of $360,000 (thus putting them in the "35% tax bracket") actually only pays 24.45% of their $400,000 in taxes.


"My point exactly. If I earn just under the 92% bearkct, why would I do anything productive to take my earnings into the 92% bearkct."You could still make that much money, you'd just have to find another way to get rid of it, such as investing it or paying your other employees higher wages, so your personal income isn't hitting the 92% bearkct. That's the beauty of it "spreading the wealth around". That may sound like socialism to you, but it makes the economy work a lot better than one guy (or 2.5% of the population) hording all the wealth.


Professor Perry, not sure I understand your risnoaeng("bad to worse in the 30's"). Eccles (Fed chairman under Roosevelt) believed that the depression was partly caused by concentration of wealth at the top; it seems to me that this was probably exacerbated by the drop in the marginal interest rate in the late 20's. In addition, the depression reached it's peak in 1933 (industrial production started an upward climb), and this was before the tax rate was raised. Can you tell me what I'm missing?


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