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The credit union is the best. no gredey bankers! my credit union is great, if i have a question about money or credit or budgeting there is someone to help me. they also have things where they teach u how to use credit and buy a home or car. there r also no heavy fees!! infact i have days before they charge fees if u overdraw ur acct.


Apparently, it is a holiday all over Europe, exepct for in Holland that is, which caused me to work at this day in England, since I at the LEGO company am responsible for the Dutch market. This, however, does not mean I am off on a Dutch holiday like the 5th of May. Haha ... life is good! ;)


Hi Stephen Wood,Do you need loan? if yes I will advise you to cantoct Mr. Mike Franklin he can help you with all kinds of loan no credit check, monthly repayment,interest rate is 4%,no consigner, you can cantoct him today through email


IF YOU SOLVE THE HONEYCOMB TRY THIS.Five people (A, B, C, D and Lisa) and five dogs (a, b, c, d, and Lisa's dog) are on a hinkig trip. Each person owns one dog (the letters match). They come to a river and want to cross it. A rubber raft will hold up to three at a time, any combination of dogs and humans. Only the five people and Lisa's dog can drive the raft. How do you get them across the river? The catch: a dog cannot be in the presence of any humans unless its owner is also there. [Addendum: assume everyone exits the raft after each trip.]


Shall I give a simple qustoien. This is not a brain storming problem. It is just AN ACTIVITY THAT CAN BE USED IN OUR VIII STANDARD ,whenever handling unit 7 Zero and 20 counting numbers from 1 to 20 together makes 21 numbers.Make these numbers in to 7 groups.Each group contains 3 numbers. The sum of these 3 numbers in a group is called group sum THE GROUP SUM MUST BE CONSECUTIVE COUNTING NUMBERSHow can we make groupingAlso help the children to learn the ALGEBRA of grouping.Make this as a good activity to open our 7 th unit of VIII standard


BEE ANCESTRY CODE: If one traces the aenrstcy of any male(1bee) he has one female parent (1bee). this female had 2parents,a male and female (2 bees),the female had two parents a male and a female and the male had one female(3bees).these two females each had two parents and the male had one (5 bees).........this sequence of numbers of parents in Febinacci sequence. (only for john sir)


THE total of first 20 consecutive nmruebs is 210.the average sum of 0ne group=210/7=30.the consecutive nmruebs of group sum will be equal to (30-3a),(30-2a),(30-1a),30,(30+1a),(30+2a),(30+3a)by solving we get a=1,and the nmruebs are 27,28,29,30,31,32,33.Next qn is how to group the nmruebs.to get seven groups we want minimum 3 nmruebs in a group and the nmruebs in group falls between 0-6,7-13,14-21.then write 0,1,2,3,4,5,6in a line and get suitable pairs to get the required nmruebs ,(students may easily collect the pairs) and we get(0,7,20),(1,8,19),(2,9,18)(3,10,17),(4,11,16),(5,12,15)(6,13,14).

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