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The truth is that not all people possess the intelligence to significantly benefit from education, and that traditional countries are collections of people who evolved in similar environments. This is a very uncomfortable subject for some.


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Higher education and technological development has become at its peak in 2011, we are at war and major conflict between states and experiences and each other
I hope the growth and progress for the better
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In any case, we learned a ton. We learned enough to know that a Montessori preschool is probably not the place for our little guy...but we were both totally enamored with many of Montessori's independence building techniques, especially when implemented in the home.

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Several ingredients are needed to accomplish this- of course, particularly important are competitive markets and creative entrepreneurs- but in the limited space for the present discussion I want to stress the role of education, especially higher education. In early stages of economic development, a country needs a literate and energetic population with a wide education base of perhaps only a few years. But as countries continue to grow, they need to upgrade their education levels beyond elementary school toward high rates of secondary school completion among young persons.

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