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Have a nice trip!

Nan Yang

China? I'm an international student from China!

Mike L.

Not sure how you come up with the ideas for your weekly topics, but if you are open to suggestions, I would be very interested in reading an article addressing whether reductions in preventable disease actually reduce long-term health care costs.

A frequent argument heard regarding last year's increase in the federal tobacco tax, as well as the new healthcare law and proposals for increased alcohol taxes, see, e.g., http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/09/24/health.booze.tax/index.html?hpt=T2), is that reducing unhealthy behaviors and increasing access to routine medical check ups will reduce our national medical costs.

I believe this concept is incorrect, or at least misleading, since keeping someone alive into their 90s will surely cost more than unsuccessfully treating a 40 year old with cancer. Obviously there might be moral reasons to stop preventable disease, but the economic discussion appears misplaced.

Am I missing something?

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Sandra L. Schwab

Public school teacher performance grows more complex each year. The public school teacher appears to be evolving into a Washington, DC bureaucrat...covered in pages of performance objectives, curriculum objectives, curriculum outcomes, standarized tests. Add poor, personal life skills, i.e. lack of exercise, poor nutrition, use of mood altering drugs including cigarettes. Cover that public school in an attitude of frustration, zestlessness, double speak, fear, apathy...then add little Johnny and Susie. Pay vouchers, merit pay, more conversation, angrier unions...will the picture improve? Hardly.


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The signal given to young persons that higher education pays off much more now than in the past is the sizable growth during the past several decades in the average earnings of individuals with a college education compared to the earnings of those who do not go to college. Earnings of persons with college education increased faster in recent decades not only in developed countries, but also in many rapidly developing countries, such as China and Brazil, that are supposedly specializing in goods that use less human capital. Developing countries imperil their continued economic advance if they fail to provide much greater opportunities for their young men and women to achieve a university education.


Nan Yang

welcome you .where are you now?!


I believe this famous saying that's hard work always pays off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.

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I used to ask this question when I spoke on social media and knowledge management and I never found a single audience member who said it easier to find content within their organization than on the Web.

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Because of travel, we were unable to post this past Sunday, and will be unable to post this coming Sunday as well. We will resume posting on Sunday, October 3.

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The story has a happy ending.

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