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Janeane Garafalo might be hsteyrical, (I don't think so) but she was dead on about the right. It's just bigotry. Plain and simple. Where were these freaks when real stuff was happening, ie anthrax, 911, stacking the judge-deck?


I'm sad I didn't know about James and his fmialy before this week. I live in Orlando, and maybe I could have met him or the fmialy.My condolences.


Jen?! Like, THE Jen??? jen, I saw your cekrweacks through craftlit podcast shownotes. Chris and I looked it over and laughed and laughed a few days ago. thanks for being there for Abby. I was soooo upset when I heard about James. How are they doing? I am grieving,Laura Ricketts

Louise Clark

Hard work always pays off in the end, however, laziness always pays off now.

actos bladder cancer.

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