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I do not want to minimize the difficulty of getting a well-designed system of merit pay, and Posner discusses many such difficulties. However, my colleague, Derek Neal, has proposed an attractive system of merit pay, where student performance at the end of the year is compared to that of students who perform about as well at the beginning of the year. Essentially, teachers then get a bonus that depends on the percentile ranking of their students at year-end compared with the performance of the comparable students. Other education specialists have different ways to determine merit pay that may be worth considering.

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I also think teachers should be given a bonus

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I am wondering where the financial rewards given to students and parents will be coming from?


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Thanks for writing this and thanks for the work you do to help these kids.

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This must be read by all the teachers and the students..

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Let me very be frank with you. There are over thousands of bloggers in Malaysia. Not all of them win our hearts and respects. Very few of them including you and RPK are my favourites. Like others I have my reason for liking you guys.You have your opinion. Most of your opinions or articles are mild, probably because that’s how you were trained during your days with MSMs, being very cautious.In RPK’s case it is different. He speaks the mind of his readers with information and evidence he obtains from the various sources who trust him more than themselves. He gives them his word that he would never reveal unless they want him to do so. His readers are the ordinary Malaysians who find life not easy and in some ways believe this government is responsible for it.We must understand. Being a person in his status, it was not necessary for one to risk his comfort and luxury in life. What is he going to benefit personally out this battles? One must not forget, he is talking against the government and its leaders who will not have second thoughts to “finish” your good life if you are a threat to them. Remember what had landed a powerful DPM at one time into and what he is going through.Unlike in some other countries, Malaysia is in full control by one party that is led by few powerful Malays. They have the money, power and most importantly positions. People who are privy to their secrets are often afraid to reveal the truths for fear of being victimized. While some are silenced while others come out, responding to the conscience and in doing so they need people like RPK to confide in. Therefore, RPK cannot turn betrayer who point finger at them just to save himself.I sincerely believe he is one of the few Malaysians who are prepared to bid his own life for the sake of country and the people of Malaysia. He is actually a hero.The only fear I have is, his Deep Throats try to fix or trap him with untruthful stories that could jeopardize his credibility.

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