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Not as well thought out as some of your work Becker. This one screams of knee-jerk reaction.

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Some members of Congress and others have proposed a constitutional amendment to eliminate the granting of citizenship to children born in the United States without at least one parent who is a citizen or has a green card. Clearly, they are mainly concerned about excluding from citizenship children born to illegal immigrants. Yet since their ultimate concern is the level of illegal immigration, denying citizenship to

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this is nancy
This conversation is going no where. It’s lacking the place of a good leader to head the things to come out on conclusion.
good idea & nice thought


Strange position: "I favor generous legal immigration since legal immigrants of different skill levels add a lot to a country’s human capital (see my proposal to sell the right to immigrate discussed in the June 25 issue of The Economist)."

............ especially "selling "the right""......... has anyone established that wealthy immigrants are more productive than most others??

As for "different skills" we already have paths that put those of needed skills at the front of the line.

"Generous legal" is good though as traditional Americans are not even replicating themselves ---- unless we favor a declining and aging population.


this is


How about a new program to allow USSA citizens to trade citizenship (or permanent residency) with a citizen of another country?

I know I'd sure like to live at my place in Brazil without having to pay Obamacare premiums in the USSA. My Amerikan citizenship is of no value to me and most probably of negative value, since Amerikans are more likely to be abused, kidnaped, murdered, tit for tat, the world over than are Brazilians.

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I just clicked over from another site and figured I should take a look around. Like what I see so now I'm following you. Look forward to checking out your some of your posts again.

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Its nice provision.yes there is a law in US.And I agree With this law....
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"Yet since their [Some members of Congress and others] ultimate concern is the level of illegal immigration"

This is clearly not true. If their "ultimate concern" was the level of *illegal* immigration they would support amnesty and open borders. For these two things would eliminate all illegal immigration. In truth, their "ultimate concern" is the number of non-whites in the country. It's all about demographic politics to them.

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The complete combination of epic, humor, and bikinis — perfect win! I love these type of scenes in shows i watch; gets it all that more such meta.

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?However, it is very feasible to reduce the inflow of additional illegal immigrants, while at the same time increasing the number of legal immigrants.

Finding an effective way to curtail the inflow of illegal immigrants seems to be a far better way to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants than concentrating a lot of effort and opposition on trying to obtain a constitutional amendment that eliminates the right to citizenship of children born in America to parents who are not American citizens."

Well of course it is feasible but no one so far has wanted to use any effective ways. One would be quick deportation of all illegal immigrants who are discovered but since many of them have American-born children, we don't.

What's easier: passing our own laws to limit incentives to come here illegally or hoping to convince people ovreseas not to come here, please? As conditions in Mexico get worse -- which they will, it would seem -- and as their ruling class continues to point North to us as a solution for poor Mexicans' problems, we'll continue to be inundated with illegal immigrants. Not as many now as when the economy was better, but still far too many.

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i have friends that argue the fact that while a united states born citizen is an american, that is not their nationality. They back this statement with that candians, mexicans and any other person born in an american continent is also american.

Joshua Norman

With double digit unemployment and over 40 million people on food stamps, I think not only should we not reward illegal aliens by giving citizenship to their anchor babies, but we should be looking to remove them for this country.

Christian Romney

"Although it is not possible to know how accurate these estimates are, one would expect Mexican immigrants to have relatively many children, even if the children did not automatically become citizens, since these immigrants tend to be younger and less educated than the typical American."

Talk about a leap of logic.

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