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For Europeans, on the other end, with an anemic 2% annual average growth rate, per capita income only rose 20% in the last decade, so, of course, for Europeans there is a perceived and real erosion of purchasing power when it comes to food and other commodities. The effect is even more dramatic considering the fact that food commodity prices are denominated in declining US dollars.

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High food prices might even be considered a good thing from the standpoint of overall global economic efficiency. Farmers are a small minority in wealthy countries such as the United States and France, but the small size of the agricultural sector actually augments its political power, because a compact interest group can enrich its members by obtaining protective legislation that raises the costs of the rest of the population by only a small fraction

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The idea that anybody has some sort of obligation to answer every comment strikes me as absurd as claiming that blogs should be disregarded because they have no editors or fact checkers. It's an attempt to take over the discussion on someone else's bandwidth and dictate to the blog proprietors what they can write about.

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